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31-12-2014, 12:16
I played my first game about 2 months ago and lost miserably, and have only got round to taking another look at my list.

I was up against a High Elf army and buy the time I got to his side of the board I was full of arrows and at less than half strengh.

I have reworked my list. Please give feed back and advice as I am still new to playing.


1000 point WoC Army


Exalted Chaos Hero equipped with a great weapon, shield mounted on a Barded Chaos steed,
Soul feeder
Ruby ring of Ruin
Mark of Khorne

5 x Chaos Knights with a full command,
Ensorcelled weapons
Mark of Khorne.

Chaos Sorcerer upgraded to lv 2
Mark of Tzeentch
Chaos familiar

17 x Chaos Warriors with a full command,
Mark of Tzeentch
Carrying the Blasted Banner

5 x Chaos Warhounds with mutant poisions

Army Total 999

31-12-2014, 15:35
You're a bit heavy on characters, at least make the exalted a BSB if you're gonna use both.
I'd take a chimera over the knights, and put the exalted on a disk with the ward save combo, if he takes care of warmachines your chimera can crash on a flank and chew through the enemy lines while your warriors advance as fast as they can.