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01-01-2015, 18:39
As a thought experiment I am attempting to determine the location of former word bearers home world colchis. I have studied various galactic maps, some from 30kish and other seemingly more recent. The 30k ones put it in the north edge of the segmentum pacificus, but trying to follow the relationships with certain other planets moves it to being virtually the other side of the eye of terror. I realise that it was destroyed, but I'm trying to work out roughly what the night skies of Colchis may have looked like in order to expand on the constellations hinted at by AD-B in First Heretic etc. There is a big gap in the rough area that it would have inhabited in most recent maps, and the best I have been able to fond filling the space is a rough ork waagh, but no detail of systems or planets involved. Anyone got any maps of the 40k galaxy that show the location of Colchis?

Still Standing
01-01-2015, 20:22
You can't really use 40k maps. 10000years has passed since anybody went there. The 30k maps are likely much more accurate. Nothing to add beyond that though...

02-01-2015, 02:13
Wow respect man if youre actually taking constellations written in the book for this... hmm... research?

Whatever the answer i think that you might be putting too much thought into it. More than author ever did.

I think in Angel Exterminatus at the start of the book young Perturabo looks at the sky and sees (or perhaps feels which would be more accurate but it does say its multicoloured) what is to be later known (at least i think so its exactly this) as Eye of Terror. Anyway from his perspective and planet position there would be no way that he should see something so far away as the light wouldnt travel so fast. When you think about this planets closer to the Eye would see the birth of it sooner or later.

02-01-2015, 15:29
Compared to Olympia Colchis should be much closer to the eye, a
Roughly halfway between the sabbat world's and the eye by my reckoning, however with the sheer distances involved in space it is somewhat unlikely that the light from the eye would have even reached cadia in the ten thousand years since its birth. So we'll handwave the perception of the eye as it is a unique case.

On a related note Exterminatus is typically enacted against individual planets, so Colchis's star should still be there, and even if it weren't it's light would still be reaching Terra for millions of years. I was only trying to work out which stars might be visible and as such which world's would be near them, it doesn't actually matter, as there are plenty of stars to fill in the gaps.

Still Standing
02-01-2015, 20:08
Bear in mind the light from the Eye is not actually light as physicists know it. The stuff of unreality follows no laws of Men or Mer.