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02-01-2015, 18:02
Hi guys, I'm wondering about starting a space marine chapter and I'm thinking about the Iron Hands. Can anyone tell me what's specific about their fielding rules? I just know they don't have chaplains (while they get iron fathers). How about the official colors for painting? I mean, is there a guide to obtain the same colors of 'Eavy metal guys?

02-01-2015, 18:29
They have no specific fielding rules. They have Chaplains and they have no rules for an Iron Father. Their chapter tactics are detailed in Codex Space Marine and contain a brief background.

The supplement may have a painting guide, but it doesn't have any new models or rules. You should be able to find a paint scheme you like with a google search.

02-01-2015, 18:55
what? Clan Raukaan has its own codex.... it must have some specific stuff

02-01-2015, 19:04
It has specific relics, missions, and maybe a warlord table. Plus background and paint schemes. Supplements don't introduce new units (at least no supplement in 6th or 7th has yet to introduce them beside a few special characters using existing models)

02-01-2015, 19:08
what? Clan Raukaan has its own codex.... it must have some specific stuff

It's a Supplement. It offers some new Relics, Warlord Traits, Role changes, etc, but not a codex on its own.

02-01-2015, 19:53
As mentioned it has some (nice) relics and new Warlord traits. You can field Dreadnoughts as Elites and HS without taking a Master of the Forge. And spam Techmarines (2 per HQ, three per Master of the Forge).

02-01-2015, 20:40
thank you everyone :)