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03-01-2015, 23:51
Eyo all!

So my local gaming club is doing an end times tourney over the next couple of months with 2500 points. The rules are all end times and you cannot change your lists and your magic has to be the same throughout.

With that said. My list is more meant to be fun than anything else. But thoughts and criticism is still welcome.


Slann BSB
Wandering Delibbelations, Becalming cogulations, cube of darkness and discipline of standard 425

Saurus Oldblood
Phiranna blade, Armor of fortune, Other tricksters shard. 240


lvl 1 Skink preast Beasts lore
dispel scroll 90

Saurus scar vet
Anti hero sword dragon helm speed potion shield 219


30 saurus
full command 330

30 skins 3 kroxigors
Full command 330


20 Temple guard
Full command
flame banner 320

Laser bastilodon 150


Troglodon 200

Ancient steg
Sharpened horns 250

Total 2495

Thinking of getting rid of skink full command for more stuff on my slann. Trog is going to be either between my two hords, or legging it on his own behind enemy lines. Steg will try and flank.

Thank you for reading and your thoughts are welcome.

forseer of fates
04-01-2015, 00:45
Troglodons are not very good and if you are set on temple guard 20 aint gonna last very long at all, you might want to consider 30 as minimum, but even at 30 vs any combat block of value they will loose, temple guard just are not amazing unfortunately.

06-01-2015, 14:04
Personally, you have 3 blocks when you need 2. Drop the kroxs and skirmish the skinks. Trog is lacklustre at best, you could grab some more TGs to make a real killy unit.

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