View Full Version : Eternity Elves 3,5k points vs. new Undead & Chaos legions

04-01-2015, 18:50

with my two friends I have played some battles. I run Eternity Elves, one of them is Undead (Nagash ofc...) player, and another is a Daemon from Ashes...

Bellow is my list I would like to improve. Each time I experienced new things in my army (and their), so still I am not glad of the list, despite so many changes.

I would like something to fight Undead and Chaos without any changes versus these armies.

Alith Anar

lvl 4, Earthing Rod, High Magic

Loremaster of Hoeth
Book of Hoeth


Death Hag

Lothern Sea Helm

Spearmen 40 m.
FC, Banner of Swiftness

Glade Guards 15 m. x2
musician, Hagbane Tips

Sisters of the Thorn 5 m. x2
musician, champion

Deepwood Scouts 20 m.
musician, champion, Hagbane Tips

Bolt Thrower x6

Doomfire Warlocks 5 m. x2

All cost exactly 3500 points.

I have considered a few options:
- make one unit of Sisters of the Thorn with 10 models rather than two with 5
- change Spearmen for Bleakswords for gain parry save
- maybe put away one or two bolt throwers and get prince on eagle for hunting small things
- make one big unit of Glade Guards rather than two smaller

I am opened for any comments and sugestions, but I will not change Loremaster (I love him) and Archmage (because Deadlock is only one true thing I can block Nagash's magic).

So, what do you guys think about this list?

05-01-2015, 18:34
At that points level, if you are running less than 4 hordes of infantry, then you're gonna have a bad time...

You have an awful lot of points tied up in characters, imo.