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05-01-2015, 14:17
Can wizards lose spells with eot magic rules?
The first line says: ''wizards can use all of the spells from the lores of magic that they know''
This seems to imply you cant forget spells, second line however says all wizard in effect have the loremaster rule,
Loremasters could forget spells, so what's the ruling on this?
Can allariele avatar of isha and mallyking phoenix king take spells of multiple of their lores?
they say,'' and'' in their spell selection but dont specify like other caster like old allariele skavenmages or the mortarchs,
I know there is no ruling on bound spells in regards to recasting and throwing for allowed number of pd but whats the consensus here?

Thanks in advance,

05-01-2015, 14:32
1. Just because the caster knows all the spells at the beginning of the game, does not necessarily mean that he could not "Forget" a spell during the game.

2. Don't know, if is says "AND" then sounds like both. But chances are they meant "Or".

3. Does not say that a Bound Spell can only be cast once, Ruby Ring just became very useful...at least until 9th when this all changes.