View Full Version : elysian troop troops

dave is the best
27-06-2006, 19:36
i would like to start a elysian drop troop army would anyone be able to help

27-06-2006, 19:53
Forgeworld? What sort of help do you want?

27-06-2006, 20:53
There is a great thread on this already on the front page;

Go here:

Lots of great information that should get you on the way.

Chaos and Evil
28-06-2006, 19:47
Go to the big thread that Naghaz linked to and read it.. all of it. :)

That'll tell you a lot about Elysians... then add new posts to the end of the big thread, rather than adding a new thread of your own,


dave is the best
23-03-2007, 20:22
i would like 2 know what models i wound need how they play stuff like that i would be really happy if someone could help
thanks in advance

i would quite like a 1500 points army list