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16-01-2015, 20:02
Hi, I normally play and collect Empire, Dwarf, Bretts and OnG but I wanted to try something else. I wanted a small elite army with low model count for easier collecting, painting, shorter game turns, and easier to take with me somewhere. I liked the idea of trolls because I had thought about massing them before in OnG before I realized how superior the chaos ones were to them. Chaos can easily cater to the idea of a small army and I have always liked the be'lakor model so..

2385 points according to battle scribe


Daemon Prince (WoC)
Chaos armour, Daemon of Nurgle, Daemonic Flight, Lore of Death, Wizard Lv4
Chaos mutations & Powers: Chaos Familiar, Flaming Breath, Soul Feeder, Scaled Skin
Magic Items; Dragonhelm, the Other Trickster's shard


BSB, shield, Blackened Plate, Obsidian Amulet



x17 Chaos Trolls with additional hand weapons


x4 Chaos Ogres, champion, standard
with great weapons, Mark of Khorne

flaming breath, regenerating flesh

flaming breath, regenerating flesh

26 models.. I like this idea a lot. Small elite army with 3 flying monsters, 1 deathstar and a few ogres. The army has a whopping 4 flame breath attacks, that's kinda neat. Place the hero bull in deathstar to help protect the trolls main weakness vs fire and gives them frenzy. My friend pointed out that a single ghost could tie them up for a turn+ with deathstar having no magic attacks. Should I swap the Obsidian Amulet for a cheap magic weapon? Is the MR2 redundant or overkill?

yea I know army has low unit count, its what I was going for..

anything illegal? kinda new to chaos books.
also looking for pointers or anything obvious i missed.

Only thing I wanted in this list that comes to mind, but can't figure out how without gimping dp is a dispel scroll.

If DP is wounded and has Acid Ichor and Soul Feeder, does Acid Ichor have possibility of causing wound and then trying to regain a wound with Soul Feeder?

16-01-2015, 23:07
You need chaff. Chaos warhounds and harpies (if they can use Throggs leadership, not sure about their troop type) will do. Just 2 dog units and 1 harpie. Cut down on the Trolls. Get more Ogres and possibly Scyla with the ogres. I know he has to be general, but the mr3 is quite nice, and it does mean that they will ahve to deal with the ogre block.