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Captain Krash
28-06-2006, 00:51
Any Preatorian players out there? If so just curious what color sceam you use and what type of army you play thanks.

28-06-2006, 00:55

Well, I will be.

They're going to be white, with red piping (Lord-Major Rorvan's Whitecoats). Heavy weapons will only be in the Heavy Weapons Platoons, and, likewise, special weapons only in the Special Weapons Squads and HQ squads.

No tanks, but a few Sentinels. Close Order Drill will be a doctrine, and I shall advance with drums beating and colours flying!

28-06-2006, 07:13
Count me in, too! Khakhi(sp?) helmet, red uniform, white trousers.
I play with lots of heavy weapons, a few tanks and I love my Rough Riders. No abhumans allowed.

28-06-2006, 07:41
We've had huge threads about Praetorians in the past. They've got some pretty avid fans.

My own aren't really Praetorians, they're painted with black helmets and dark brown uniforms with deep yellow lining.

28-06-2006, 17:50
Red jackets, green facings, white trousers + helmets.
Massed Infantry - only special weapons in squads. Use "Close Order Drill" and "Iron Discipline" (I have got movement trays for the army)

Heavy weapons teams only available as part of command platoon, heavy weapon team members painted in dark blue jackets with red facings, white trousers with red piping.

Have ratlings painted in green jackets with red facings. And am in the process of adding a platoon of "Rifles" using light Infantry, sharpshooters, hardened fighters and iron discipline. Paint scheme - Green with black facings.

A bit napoleonic really..

At 1500 points I field 182 models.

28-06-2006, 18:45
Mine are based on the classic uniform as seen in "Zulu" etc.: red coats, white helmets, dark blue trousers, white belts, black boots.

I use Mordians for hardened veterans and the old plastic Stormtroopers (with the berets) as, well, stormtroopers.

I use a couple of Chimeras, a Hellhound, a Leman Russ, a Demolisher and a Basilisk + 3 Sentinels. I also use some homebuild vehicles based on the look of the WWI Rolls Royce armoured car and the WWII Long Range Desert Group Land Rovers.

I have some Praetorian Rough Riders and call them the Light Brigade (as in Balaklava, Crimea).

I use Tallarns as "draftees" to give the army some of the "Lawrence of Arabia" feel (can't remember what they're called in the codex, the ones that come as one big squad of 20 to 50 men), and plan to get some camels for some Tallarn Rough Riders.

The army is not specifically made for a certain way of gaming, but because I like the british / colonial look and because I like to make up some background story for them. For example, they use English banners (white with red crosses) and are called H.I.M.C.O. (His Imperial Majesty's Colonial Oppressors).

28-06-2006, 20:49
My army is primarily based on Mordian models, but I also include a large number of Praetorians. They all follow the same colour scheme, the only difference being the headgear. I really like concept of 19th century colonial infantry in space, but I find that the heads of the Praetorians are sometimes carelessly positioned and not always as well sculpted, as on the Mordians, so overall I prefer the Mordian models. However, if you combine the Mordian range with the Praetorian range, you'll have 20+ different trooper models to choose from, and that's not bad for an all metal Guard army.

My current army started out as being based on the French Foreign Legion. I had bought an Osprey book about the Legion, and after reading it, I immediately decided to redo my army. It used to be all grey and sort of urban, composed of the same Mordians/Praetorians I still use. That's the good thing about metal models, I use acetone to remove the paint, and some of my models I've probably painted three or four times, following different colour schemes.

My current, and hopefully last, colour scheme is primarily based on uniforms used by the Foreign Legion in Morocco in the 30s. The jackets are pale olive/green ochre, trousers light grey, the epaulettes are blue and red, with the "board" being blue and the "fringes" being red. The "stripe" on the trousers is also red. The ropes on the sergeant uniform are blue and red respectively. The cap worn by the Mordians I paint pale grey, almost white, to resemble the kepi/shako worn by legionnaires, and the pith helmets get a similar treatment. The Foreign Legion often equipped their soldiers with pith helmets anyway.

This scheme works really well, it looks great up close and from a distance. I decided early on to differentiate between "material colours" such as the olive I use for jackets, and "ornamental colours", primarily blue and red. The "material colours" are not supposed to always look the same, but can vary from one model to another, this also looks more natural.

I've also chosen to include models from the "Gaunt's ghosts" range as well as Steel Legionnaires. The Ghosts are in many ways the complete opposite of my Mordians, but by using the same "material colours", the Ghosts blend seamlessly. The same goes for the Steel Legionnaires.

I use the Ghosts as Light Infantry, and the Steel Legionnaires I originally intended to use as Storm Troopers. They look, after all, like actual WWI German storm troopers, and my Mordians sort of look like WWI line infantry. Usual Storm Trooper models didn't look right next to the Mordians/Praetorians, and I wanted models that could represent an elite branch within my own army, like the Kasrkin relates to the more regular Cadian military forces.

Only problem was that the Steel Legion models were not correctly equipped, and there was nothing I really could do. So I've decided that I will now field them as Veterans, all I wanted was superior BS anyway.