View Full Version : Calling all LongBeards!!! Need help building a Dwarf army for a friend.

Crimson Templar
18-01-2015, 15:58
Good day,

As the title say I need help putting together a Dwarf army. It is based on two blackfire pass sets plus some quarrelers and an additional organ gun. Some bits from the Quarrelers box were scavenged to make a runelord. Here is my initial thoughs on unit sizes but not on where to put lords/heros. Oh, And I do not have the new army book so will have to use the old one for rune upgrades. This Dwarf army will go against my High Elves.




10 thunders FC
10 thunders FC
17 warriors with shields FC
15 Quarrelers FC (they do have GW on them should this be a good upgrade)
13 Miners FC
2 cannon
1 organ gun

What would you do to make this work? Since it will go against HE, I will tell you I have seagard, spears, archers, reavers, swordmasters, hero on griffin, mages, and the flying bird boat, but that is all. No heavy Cav, no other elite, no eagles or bolt throwers. Please taylor the dwarf list.

Brother Haephestus
18-01-2015, 18:05
Understand this guidance is for casual games, so we will take liberties with how to interpret the figures.

From my experience (http://www.bugmansbrewery.com/topic/45446-never-bring-a-gun-line-to-fight-a-gun-line/#entry501684), I think you will get more money out of one unit of 20 thunderers. The quarrelers have the potential for being used as Rangers should you decide to try that. Also, I would instead interpret the Warriors as Longbeards for much better stats.

Potential Force
The following represents a general guideline and my interpretation of 'must-haves'. The extras around the edges, such as armor and weapon runes I leave up to you.

Shield. Deployed with Longbeards.

Thane BSB
Shield. Deployed with Longbeards.

Shield. Rune of Spellbreaking. Deployed with Longbeards.

Master Engineer (was originally Second Thunderers Veteran)
Brace of Pistols. Deployed in Quarrelers. Entrenches Organ Gun.

17 Longbeards
Full command. Banner with Rune of Stoicism. Shields ('Shieldbeards').

17 Thunderers
Full command. Veteran upgrades to brace of pistols.

15 Quarrelers
Full command. Deploys close enough to Organ Gun for Engineer to allow rerolls.

12 Miners
Full command. Steam Drill. Blasting charges.

Rune of Disguise, Forging

Rune of Forging, Burning

Organ Gun
Rune of Accuracy, Burning

Basic thoughts:
The current dwarfs book supports one of two playstyles as optimal: Full dwarf-tard Vanguard, or the old gunline. This build favors the latter, but we're going to make the warrior block as rock-hard as possible. Lord (or thane) with Oathstone. Yes, you have to handle challenges so "blender-Lord" this guy up. However, as your single lone maneuver unit (depends on miners deployment) you are going to need them to be able to respond to multiple charging units. Stoicism gives the unit Stubborn, because you are going to have to stand out there in the middle of the field and 'take it like a dwarf'. Miners in a 5x frontage. During deployment, you make the tactical decision to have them ambush in or march up with the Longbeards. The 5x frontage puts you 20mm closer (that back rank of 2 miners) to a unit you could Blasting Charges on arrival. I save them for other things and use the miners to take out war machines. Eat steam-drill to the face, random cannon-jocky! Pistols in both Quarrelers and Thunderers means that when you get charged (and you will) you get to Stand and Shoot at short range (S&S is at maximum range of shortest firing weapon in unit, or 12" for pistols, close range for crossbows and handguns). Generally speaking, I don't add standards or musicians to the Miners, Thunderers or Quarrelers to save on points, but I put them full here because you listed them. MSM is cute when you're facing a gunline, but since you ARE a gunline don't waste time - one solid unit of thunderers. Make sure the Master Engineer is on a flank of the Quarrelers so he can reroll misfires on the organ gun. Remember that runes on your machines makes them magical attacks.

First turn shot priority goes not to monsters, but to the enemy war machines. Organ gun and shooters focus fire on a central-located unit in an attempt to cause panic checks and maybe a cascade of fleeing units on turn one. Delicious! Turn two, you shift from counter-battery because the miners have entered the back field, and start focusing on the big gribbly.

Option: Master Rune Grungni on the BSB and deploy with the shooters. Adds extra protection from counter-fire.

206090 Deploy Cannon, Shooters, Organ Gun, Shooters, Maneuver, Miners if you start them on the board as hammers to your Longbeards anvil, and then cannon on the far flank.

Crimson Templar
21-01-2015, 11:31
Thank you. your deployment picture was great. Do dwarfs usually have a low model count? Your suggested list cam up just shy of 2000 pts.

Brother Haephestus
23-01-2015, 18:39
Yeah. Def low model count! Here is a 1000 point list on the table.


This is actually at the end of the first turn of shooting. My opponent's elves, left to right are a 30-ish block of Seaguard, 3 Bolt Throwers (one blown up already) and a 25-ish block of Swordsmasters with wizard general in the mix. They actually broke and ran so that's why they're way way back. Then you can see the scattered casualties off to the side.

MY side is a huggggge unit of ... 17 quarrelers, one cannon and one organ gun and a Master Engineer general. In reserves are 11 miners ready to get on the board in his back field. Before you lose heart - here's the end of the game:
His general, the swordsmasters, all three bolt throwers and a decent chunk of the Seaguard are gone. I still have ... everything but the miners. They did their job by eliminating his artillery. Had I saved my Blasting Charges for these guys things could have turned out just a little different! So, not so many lads on the field, but these doughy dawi can handle it.

I want to add on one more thing: Out of all the armies I've played (I don't play Empire, Beasts or Lizards), while the dwarf army is probably the most tactically-restricted army out there, it is the one I have the most intuitive knowledge with. It has become probably my favorite, and I'd be playing it now except we're doing an End Times campaign and I just can't afford to give up the magic phase.