View Full Version : Laser Light Show is the End Times optimized?

19-01-2015, 01:47
Hello all,
I was just wondering if anyone else has looked at how powerful the laser light show spell tactic for the End Times? It seems a good list strategy for most of the armies that can take the lore?

Lets say you have a group of wizards with light magic, for ease of calculation, lets say there are 3 of them as that gives you the Strength 6 your looking for?
-Oh and this is only going to cost you about 500 points to 600 points, depending on army.

# of casts: Average of 4 successful casts per phase.
-Average winds of magic of 14 dice, vs. 8 dispel dice, average of 6 out of 7 successful casts with 2 of those dispelled by your opponent.
-You also have extra wizards just in case something stupid happens.

# of hits: 28 or 40 hits
-Assuming 7 hits vs. normal units, 10 per cast vs. daemons and undead.

# of Wounds: 23 wounds vs. infantry
-Assuming wounding infantry on a 2 with 28 hits, and at best 6+ armor saves.
-Even the big nasty monsters like Nagash and Neferata are dead on average rolls (that is not even using the bonus hits.)