View Full Version : Is the Laser Light show the best thing for the End Times?

19-01-2015, 00:48
Hello all,
I was just wondering if anyone else has looked at how powerful the laser light show spell tactic for the End Times? It seems a good list strategy for most of the armies that can take the lore?

Lets say you have a group of wizards with light magic, for ease of calculation, lets say there are 3 of them as that gives you the Strength 6 your looking for?
-Oh and this is only going to cost you about 500 points to 600 points, depending on army.

# of casts: Average of 4 successful casts per phase.
-Average winds of magic of 14 dice, vs. 8 dispel dice, average of 6 out of 7 successful casts with 2 of those dispelled by your opponent.
-You also have extra wizards just in case something stupid happens.

# of hits: 28 or 40 hits
-Assuming 7 hits vs. normal units, 10 per cast vs. daemons and undead.

# of Wounds: 23 wounds vs. infantry
-Assuming wounding infantry on a 2 with 28 hits, and at best 6+ armor saves.
-Even the big nasty monsters like Nagash and Neferata are dead on average rolls (that is not even using the bonus hits.)

19-01-2015, 13:08
That's assuming you roll enough casting dice to get the spell off, remember you can only use d6 dice per attempt, and if you fail it once, no more wizards can attempt to cast that same spell.

19-01-2015, 18:03
Are you talking about the Light Council?

19-01-2015, 19:28
Simao, I believe it is that wizard who can't attempt to cast the spell again if he failed to cast it, not all wizards?

19-01-2015, 22:05
Simao, I believe it is that wizard who can't attempt to cast the spell again if he failed to cast it, not all wizards?

Nope, P.9 of Khaine book two states that a spell for which a failed casting attempt was made cannot be cast again in the same phase.

20-01-2015, 12:11
Well Light Council has always been a powerful build

Some of the power depends how you interpret the rule for casting a failed spell with a different wizard, but even that is a minor point

Lots of things are just as potent. A VC player might be pretty scared by the prospect of Spirit Leech being spammed until all characters are dead for instance.

It also depends on you playing End Times magic. While I cheerfully allow opponents to take ET: Armies despite screwed up powerlevels, but End Times magic? Nooooope

This is just one of many ways of abuse... but do you really wanna play it? Really, why would you?