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19-01-2015, 21:46
SO a good friend of mine, who hasn't played in years has finally decided to drop the game. So I've just come into possession of a ton of high elves. So been looking through the models and a few lists online and this is what I've come up with for my first list. Focusing on the Everqueen lion brick

Alarielle (Lore of Life) 350

Lore Master
Dragon Helm
The Terrifying Mask of EEEE
Dispel Scroll

Mage (Lore of High Magic)
Level 2
Dispel Scroll
Ring of Khains Fury

Battle Standard Bearer
Banner of Averlon
Dragon Armour

10 Archers
Full command
Light Armour

5 Reavers
Full command

5 Reavers
Full command

10 Silver Helms
Full command

36 White Lions
Full command
Banner of The World Dragon

Frost Heart Phoenix

Great Eagle

Great Eagle

So tactics are pretty simple, all my characters are loaded into the white lion bus, with its 2++ vs magic, 5++ vs non magic (which high magic mage will increase) and 3+vs shooting. and with Everqueen hammering life magic till the cows come home to heal my dudes, Lore master will high wild form for bonus toughness and strength or can throw some de-buffs down with shadow.

The cav is there as a distraction really, if the enemy attacks them then their not attacking the 'lion star' if they ignore them they'll get annoying in later turns. Same deal with the eagles plus they can take out warmachines & march block etc. And the frost heart is there for its de-buff too help my white lions quickly win combats as I don't want that getting bogged down for too long.

*Note this is using the 50% lords rules*

Total : 2497
- 640 lords
- 319 Hero's
- 650 Core
- 548 Special
- 340 Rare

22-01-2015, 05:09
Well you've definitely gone all in with the White Lion bus, suppose you only have to really look out for is other dwellers users. Should be a very easy point and click game; although maybe you wanna later on move Alarielle into High Magic and use the walk between worlds spell to get you right in the face with someone else and scoop up the big points. List may get prone to chaff and double flee's but beyond that odd ball theres no really challenges.

I suppose you should save it for an uncomped tourney else id leave it at home, don't know if anyone really would want to play that...unless their warned in advance...

22-01-2015, 09:20
Can't have multiple of the same magic object, so one of the dispel scroll has to go.
And i agree with Mannfred, this list is ultra strong and won't be much fun to play against. You will fear a little bit dweller, avoidance army, and maybe another deathstar as ugly as yours with lof of buff/hex, but you will roflstomp every normal army.

Captain Idaho
04-02-2015, 21:31
Personally I'd drop the full command on your Archers and Reavers. That's 90pts you're wasting ;) plus if you break from combat you're just giving points to the opponent. Although not essentially terrible, I'd not pay for Light armour on the Archers either.

05-02-2015, 20:23
Is it worth having that much magic??? I would drop the level 2 mage and get a unit of phoephoenix guard or dragon princes also switch bowmen for lothern sea guard for versatility

13-02-2015, 00:37
What you are creating is a list that will count on getting your white lions into combat, if you are playing against somewhat more experienced players they will avoid or chaff up the lion bus. So it will never see real combat.
Yes, the lion bus is very strong, but you lack the mobility and versatility to force your opponent into combat with them. You only have 1 real threat on the board and I would suggest to look for a way to create at least a secondary one.

If you want to keep the lionbrick, I would indeed drop the level 2 mage, drop FC and light armor on Archers and FC on Reavers, put in 5 more Silver Helms and a hero for the Silver helms. That way you don't lose out on much (well a dispel scroll) and create a secondary fast moving threat. Silver helms with a hero can pack quiet some punch and that way you control the way of the game. There aren't a lot of units that can outrun M 9 ;)

13-02-2015, 06:35
Swap the archers for two reaper bolt throwers more shots at better strength

13-02-2015, 07:00
I wish I could swap the arches for reaper bolt throwers but they are there to meet my mini core requirement.

yeah drop mage and armour and commands on the chaff units to get a hero and more helms seems like a good plan, give me the ability to reach out and touch poeple more (fnar)

How would you equip the hero ?

13-02-2015, 14:01
Dragon armour, enchanted shield, barding --> 1+ 6++, than either offensive Star lance and The other Trickster's Shard or more defensive Dawn Stone and Sword of Might (1up rerollable FTW ;)) (145 points)
So you'll have enough points for the extra Silver Helm.

Try to find some people who don't mind losing or are experienced this is a nasty army...

13-02-2015, 14:16
Luckily my friends who play, also play pretty commentive lists too. So grim tourny lists are kinda the standard hence why I want something to kick back with :D

13-02-2015, 14:22
Nice, than you can go all out like this! :)