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Soul Hunter
22-01-2015, 18:20
Decided to make a new, and one of my few attempts, at a Skaven list last night after painting a few Clanrats. Any constructive criticism or suggestions on this list are welcome, the only thing that I do want to keep even if it'd be better off without it is the Screaming Bell. It's just a *******' awesome looking kit.

Lords and Heroes
1 x Grey Seer – 475pts
-Screaming Bell
-Power Stone
-Warpstoken Tokens (x1)

40 x Clanrats – 200pts
-HW + Shields
-Standard Bearer

40x Clanrats – 200pts
-HW + Shields
-Standard Bearer

40 x Stormvermin – 360pts
-Standard Bearer
-Poisoned Wind Team


3 x Stormfiends – 265pts

I have exactly 60pts remaining before this list hits 1500. My instincts tell me that those points should be put towards giving the Grey Seer, who is the General for this list, some extra gear to give his spells more kill-kill.

Edit: First set of changes made. List at 1500pts.


24-01-2015, 14:46
By my calculations those Clanrats are wrong. they should be 200 points rather than 120. At which your overall cost is 1610. Unless your clanrats are slaves at which point they can't take a standard and are cheaper than that anyway.

The French Guy
24-01-2015, 15:54
I like the way you're heading for a 1500pts list.

I would add a Power scroll to the Grey seer, jus to guarantee a 13th.
I would put the Bell in a 20 naked Clanrats, with a Chieftain BSB (and WFT/ PWT) as a backup unit.

I would merge the Stormvermins together, only grab a Musician+Standard (I use Terror Banner) and wouldn't bother with the Shields as you won't use it in HtH.
I would try to fit 1 or 2 blocks of 50-60 Slaves.
Hope it helps!

Soul Hunter
24-01-2015, 18:54
Ok, edited the list based on that correction and that advice. Changes are;

-Stormvermin units merged into one. Shields and Fangleader removed, Poison Wind Globadiers chosen over Warpfire Thrower.
-Grey Seer given Power Stone and Warpstone Tokens

I envision the strategy of this list to be using the Clanrats as a meat-shield against enemy attacks and to bog down enemy units in swarms while the Stormvermin smash them from behind and the Stormfiends provide heavy range attacks, while the Grey Seer provides magic attacks/support to the entrenched/attacking units.


The French Guy
24-01-2015, 19:19
I like it!
I would just turn the 2*40 Clanrats (400pts) into 60 Slaves with a Musician and 20 Clanrats with a WFT (272pts) ==> giving you around 130pts to play with.
I would also drop the Warpstone token as you automatically have 1D3.

24-01-2015, 19:46
Donīt want to sound harsh, but i was like "hmm, ok, letīs read: screaming be... no that canīt end well" but then again it depends where you aim at. Do you want to play competitive or for fluff or fun (imo you only meet the fun part with screaming bell and without slaves). Anyways, you can go for it all if you just go more slave heavy or play slaves at all. I wouldnīt consider a screaming bell at this point level, or even one at all.

To compare what i think of is a "fitting" list i give you an example at around 1500 points:

grey seer, talisman of preservation,
BSB, obsidian talisman (the mr3 version)
plague priest level 2

70 slaves
70 slaves
20 clanrats(bunker), pwm

5 PWG with PWM
8 gutterrunners, slings, poison, nets

either 30 plague monks with plague banner or hellpit abomination or stormfiends (preferable i think)

points left would be used to bring the clanrats up to thirty and/or to have some more gutter runners one or two warpstone tokens for the seer.

Brother Haephestus
25-01-2015, 02:28
Each of us plays differently.

For me there are a few pieces that are must-haves in a Skaven force, that I almost always include regardless of size. Everything after that is what I have to "spice" with.

1x unit of Skavenslaves (at least 40, spears)
2x units of Giant Rats (5 and Pack Master)
2x units of 5-7 Gutter Runners with slings, poison

I don't put nets on the runners myself as a cost-saving device. I use them primarily as ambushers to kill war machines, but using them as scouts to "hex" a unit in close combat isn't a bad way to go.

Everything else changes as I see fit.

25-01-2015, 18:19
Donīt nets come free as an exchange for dhw? I prefer the 5++ over the additional attack as mine wonīt see combat anyway besides when my opponent manages to force them somehow.

Brother Haephestus
26-01-2015, 01:08
They do. Ignore me. I'm spending too much time in Army Builder lately than building with book in hand.

26-01-2015, 06:48
Same here^^
oh well, this new digital age...
sometimes itīs nice to make lists by the book as you can just sip a few pages to see what rules actualy do (and in case of nets, they donīt give +1 ward, i donīt know how iīd come to that conclusion).