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28-06-2006, 06:18
What do you guys think of this Wizard configuration for a 2250 list?

1 Grey Seer @ 285 Pts
Dispel Scroll [25]
Dispel Scroll [25]

1 Warlock Engineer @ 85 Pts
Warp Blades
Storm Daemon [25]

1 Warlock Engineer @ 80 Pts
Warp Blades
Death Globes [20]

Casting Pool: 8

Dispel Pool: 6

Total Army Cost: 450

It features two warlocks and a grey seer, and that might seem like a lot. bear in mind though, the options on the warlocks. All they are equipped with is the warp blades. That means they only generate a single die each, and they can only use two dice to cast with. That means they'll be using the 5+ version of warp lightning. When was the last time you saw anyone use that?

As far as 7th edition magic is concerned, I'll be able to distribute the core magic dice to the warlocks in order to feed them enough power to kep casting. Their lone tokens can be used to power their spells when my grey seer needs the two main dice, or when I want to try for a 9+ version of warplightning.

28-06-2006, 17:40
I don't see why you use "that few dice" in a magic heavy list.

I'd add the machines on both engineers, give the grey seer the eye instead of the 2nd scroll, then give that scroll to an engineer.

You're already spending many hundreds on magic, might as well spend another 50 to make a huge increase (3) !

And even if you don't want to try the 9+ with your engineers, you could cast it with 3 dice, pretty much ensuring the cast!

28-06-2006, 18:09
What you're suggesting is the kind of magic phase that gets skaven players raped out back, behind the game store. I'd be embarassing myself by showing up to a GT with those changes, when I've aready proven I can win without.

My previous skaven build was similar to the build in the first post; it had one warlock fully equipped with stormdaemon as well as another warlock with no equipment but deathglobes. The first warlock would support the seer by blasting, and the second would get skitterleaped into the backfield in order to march block throw globes.

The arrival of 7th edition means I need to reconfigure this build, as the power die generated by the deathglobe engineer can no longer be used by anyone.

28-06-2006, 22:45
I'd give the Grey Seer a Warpstone Charm. Always good to be able to reroll, especially with the new miscast table coming up.

29-06-2006, 22:38
Not putting and Upgraded Warp Energy Condenser and Supercharged warp power accumulator on your engineers is just a wase.

29-06-2006, 23:01
Look at it in the context of the build. The full equipment on a warlock costs just as much as a normal warlock does. That and this configuration still has quite an offensive bite to it. Three warp lightnings as well as whatever the grey seer can muster. Plus, the lower dice on the warlock drastically lowers the amount of damaging miscasts they could throw.

30-06-2006, 00:10
If your gonna do a half-assed attempt at magic heavy skaven, take a chieftain instead, because skaven need minor adaptation for 7th, if you don´t get the extra dice from the acumulators, your forced to use the pool on the warlocks if you want them doing something, meanwhile, the seer is dice starved with just 4 dice, he´ll usually need to throw 3 dice to do anything interesting, the last one you can eat it.
Take out a scroll and put the acumulators, no need for more if your only using pansy lightning (wich is a waste of points for that effect, a ratling or warpfire on a good day do more damage in the game, hell, a chieftain would probably be very apreciated by a clanrat unit) and it´s 5 points cheaper also giving you a real magic phase. Skaven basing themselves on magic have to go all out if they want to aspire to break their oponent by mass destruction, unless there´s a seer, who is still very destroy destroy, we don´t have acces to anything other than destroy spells, very strong, but very straigthforward. Also remember that in 7th warpstone pellets are your friends
Also remember that if you cast pansy lightning, a 1 and your fried, with real lightning, you can at least hope the other die does damage

30-06-2006, 01:33
One important thing to remember is that I still have six warpstone tokens. If I use one a turn, I'll always have plenty of dice to go around. I'll have three warplightnings, a skitterleap/vermintide, and a big warplightning/deathfrenzy. And with only 20% of my army devoted to magic (as well as tertiary benefits, such as march blockers and a great magic defense), I have plenty of poitns to spend elsewhere.

30-06-2006, 10:09
Yes, but taking out a dispel scroll and giving them accumulators, your only losing out on a clanrat and give yourself a substancial boost, warpstone is nice for the ocation and god knows I use it in those special moments, but itīs the main cause of death of skaven mages (second being random lightning). And if you really really fell you need the second scroll, is it so hard to invest 30 points in giving you a substancial boost and making sure the warseer doesnīt have to eat death crumpets all the time if he wants to do something?

30-06-2006, 22:05
The accumulator is one of the best upgrades in the game. Its only a few points, most armies have to pay 50 points for an item that gives them an extra powerdice.

01-07-2006, 13:54
I'd also get the accumulators. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't use the Warpstone Tokens. They are a risk, but they are too tasty not to use. Just take it easy when your Seer has lost a wound or two.

03-07-2006, 06:11
The accumulator is simply part of an abstraction for the level two upgrade. The 40 points you are dumping into upgrades, which feel like an incredible bargain when compared to similar magic items, is just a fancy way of paying for a level 2 warlock as opposed to a level 1.

Honestly? why would I want to go all out with skaven magic when the only thing I'll gain is some dirty looks and comp dings? The purpose of this build is to show people that warlock engineers come in varieties other than "everything but the pistol".

Instead of depending on an extra pair of power dice, i'll make due with the pair god gave me.