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26-01-2015, 20:21
So the idea was to cram as many chariots as possible into the list, with some concessions to being a workable army. I think I could get two more in there if I didn't take an orc lord, a BSB and a wizard but I did want some semblance of playbility, even though I will almost certainly never run this. The idea is to break the entire enemy line on turn 2 or 3 with one colossal charge, since the army has zero staying power. One plus is that only the four core units are squabbling, so it should be pretty reliable by orc standards. How do you think it would do?

General: Orc Warboss on chariot, sword of bloodshed, shield

BSB: Goblin bigboss on chariot, Great Axe, Light Armor, Shield

2x Goblin Bigboss on chariots. Spear, LA, and Shield

Level 2 Goblin Shaman on Chariot


3x5 Wolf riders, Musician, Spear, Shield, Short bow

42 Night goblins, Full command, 3 Fanatics, Nets


3x3 Wolf Chariots

3 Boar Chariots


2 Pump Wagons

19 Chariots. 1999 points, 263 Lord, 440 Hero, 501 Core, 705 Special, 90 rare.

01-02-2015, 20:16
The NG are useless at this point - the Boss and BSB will need to keep moving fwds - and sooner or later they either charge out of range OR they are dead!

Better to consider a unit of spider riders and swap out one of the Bosses on a chariot for special character Snagla - that way you can have a decent unit ambush at will later in the game - and cause fear on the charge AND have devastating charge!!

02-02-2015, 19:00
I was thinking the same thing about snagla

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