View Full Version : Staff of the Horned Rat Casting Bonus

28-01-2015, 21:37
In the End Times: Thanquol, the rules for the staff of the horned rat state that they add a +1 bonus for casting spells from the skaven lores of ruin and plague.

Does this mean that according to RAW, since the dreaded 13th spell is not part of either of those lores, Thanquol does not get +1 to cast it?

28-01-2015, 22:11
Indeed it does. Good spot

28-01-2015, 23:13
Hmmm..... Another fine GW mistake.

forseer of fates
29-01-2015, 00:42
One could assume with 9th being round the corner, dreaded 13th will be the n6 ruin spell, that's what my monies on.

29-01-2015, 06:15
I assumed that was done on purpose.

29-01-2015, 08:35
It could have been intentional, it could have been GW incompetence, either way it's in there. In 1% of your games you will be able to tell somebody that they failed to cast the 13th spell by 1. :D