View Full Version : End Times - Dealing with the Hellcannon

29-01-2015, 21:10
Using the End Times rules (Khaine magic, improved reign of chaos table, Legion lists) how would you handle two hellcannons with Undead Legions? Additionally, how would you handle the new Festus Empowered in close combat? His automatic D3 wounds makes sending a blender vamp lord against him a risky prospect.

29-01-2015, 22:14
Cast curse of years on his unit. The D3 wounds is only if he rolls higher than you in a S+D6 test, so a strong blender should still be fine, especially with a ward save. As for the hell cannons... Doom and darkness +terrorgheist is a good combo, or screaming skull catapults. That TK unit with the laser eyes... Sepulchral stalkers, I think?

30-01-2015, 22:12
Yeah that's been my plan so far is to just wing it and realize I'm going to have to take it at least once. Or I could try to make it so Festus wouldn't be in base contact with any of my characters and rely on the graveguard to killing blow him. Would magic resist work against the d3 wounds since it's magic? Yeah, last time i tried that the hellcannon failed its rampage check, charged the terrorgheist and killed it haha. I dont think the stalkers would kill it before it could charge me.

My plan is to just spirit leech them. ld 4 on the hellcannon should kill it in one roll.

30-01-2015, 23:25
Magic resistance won't help, that only works against direct damage spells and magic missiles.

31-01-2015, 01:33
Hellcannons are tough but their attack output isn't super high. I've killed them before with a combined charge of 4 vargheists in the side and a (wounded) terrorgheist in the rear. Took a couple rounds but it went down. A blender lord on a hellsteed will also make short work of them.

As for Festus...I honestly wouldn't be super concerned about him. A blender will tear him apart no problem. Yeah it's POSSIBLE for him to poison you, but you get to strike first with ASF and he still has to roll higher than you on the test and get past your ward.