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02-02-2015, 03:07
Have a GT coming up in a few months and working on finalizing my list. Looking for a few veteran eyes to look it over before I start play testing.

Lv 4 (probably shadow as of right now)

Hag on cauldron

Sword of might/ES/DS/SDC/HA

Master on peg
Full mundane/COT/Lance

25 witches

14 shards (lv 4 here)
Flame banner

2x5 dark riders with shields

hydra with fiery breath

23 black guard (BSB here)
razor standard

5 hapies

2 bolt throwers

5 warlocks


Tried to make it as well rounded as possible, with a presence in every phase.


05-02-2015, 13:29
Your army is a little bit all over the place, and lacks the ability to punch through armour. Black Guard and Witch Elves basically perform the same roll, just witch elves do it cheaper and in core so you should drop the Black Guard. 2 Bolt throwers isn't enough, it's 3 or 4 or don't bring them at all. 5 Warlocks isn't enough, one big unit of 10 or 2 units of 5. Harpies are pretty bad and your Dark Riders perform that roll anyway. 1 Hydra isn't enough, always take monsters in pairs, Kharibdyss would be better in this list due to their strength 7.

You need to focus your army more on performing a certain task, you're spread out to thin. Drop something in order to buff up other aspects of your army. Even your combat blocks aren't big enough, minimum 35 witch elves with the cauldron, minimum 30 black guard.

05-02-2015, 20:10
You need to protect your sorceress give her armour of destiny and enchanted shield 55 points for 3+ and 4++

06-02-2015, 00:09
Unfortunately magic casters cannot take magic armour at all unless they already have mundane armour listed as a choice in their basic items choices. Additionally it is illegal to have 2 magical armours on a single character, so Armour of Destiny and enchanted shield is illegal.

At most you could give your sorceress the talisman of preservation for a 4++.