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02-02-2015, 14:01
Just need some constructive criticism on this list iv put together for a end times campaign I'm taking part in.


Grey seer
5+ ward

The Fellblade


Enchanted shield
Obsidian lodestone (MR3)

Warlock engineer
Doom rocket


36 storm vermin
Standard bearer (razor standard)
Warp fire thrower team

20 clanrats
Warp fire thrower team

30 slaves

30 slaves


7 gutter runners
Poisoned attacks



3 storm fiends
Grinder fist
2x rattling cannons

The idea is the warlord goes in the storm vermin.

The 20 man clanrats unit is the bunker for my seer and bsb.

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03-02-2015, 02:05
This isn't too dissimilar to a list I'm building.

My version runs without the Warlord+fellblade or warpfire weapon teams. Instead, all the units run a little larger:
40 Stormvermin FC+Razor
2x50 Slaves+Mus
26 clanrats FC
3x5 gutter runners
3x giant rat packs
Warlock + skavenbrew for the stormvermin to give an extra kick to all those points

I found larger groups to be a big deal. Slaves break just below 20 models in most fights, so adding models increases your effective size from 10 (20 to 30) to 30 (20 to 50). With Stormvermin, it's just really how long you get the +2 to combat res for extra ranks. Again, once you get much below 30 it's time to combat reform out of horde into bus formation, so a few extra models is precious. Having said all that, I don't how how the fellblade fares against all the crazy end-time boss monsters--probably pretty well. It still scares me to run such a volatile and expensive magic item that is easily av, but I can see it being really good if you're able to actually get him in combat with your intended target.

I also have all 3 stormfiends running rattling cannons. The way I see it, the mobility isn't worth an extra 3d6 set of ranged. I would run a grinder fist if I was doing a melee build (in which case I'd pick 1 grinder, 2x doom flayer). As ranged, I'd rather just treat them like a tough warmachine and cover them with slaves and rat packs. Note that apparently characters can join them, so it might be interesting to team them up with some warlocks with ironcurse icons and/or +MR items.

Personally, I can't decide between a hellpit and a doomwheel + cannon. I feel like it might come down to your local play group.

03-02-2015, 20:42
I see why you might use the skavenbrew but I don't like the randomness of it, I think you make a good point reference the rattling cannons I think I will change my unit to 3 of them. I know what you mean in reference to the hellpit or the wheel/cannon combo. I personally am I debate about the storm fiends as I feel the hellpit is an auto include and the wheel/cannon seem to important to leave out. I have a game on Thursday to test this list out before I finalise my list and hand it in so I shall post an update on how they preform. 9d6 s5 ap shots with no - modifier should cream just about any scary monster/character foolish enough to stand near them.

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04-02-2015, 09:00
Just played a 2k point game with the list I outlined--actually my first use the rattling cannons--and they were insane. I was playing against a fairly beardy LoC list and I ran through a 270 point chimera in one round of shooting. Hide them from cannons, but it shouldn't be hard to earn those points back.

I think you might be right about the Skavenbrew too. There are better ways to invest in the stormvermin.

06-02-2015, 22:35
Iv concluded 3 storm fiends is pure filth lol, played 2 games in 2 days and wiped the floor both times with this unit. Nurgle daemon prince? No problems. 6 skullcrushers? Bah whatever. Anything these guys shoot at tends to die. I love them. Who needs a warp lightning cannon when you have these bad boys.

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The French Guy
07-02-2015, 21:24
Did you use 3 Rattling cannons both games?

07-02-2015, 22:17
Yes 3 rattling cannons. Just played my first 2 games of the campain today and owned with these guys, killed Karl franz Ascended in one match and killed 50% of my opponents chaos army in my other.

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07-02-2015, 22:19
I found my opponents shooting at my hellpit with cannons in my empire game instead of these guys which I thought was quite funny.

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11-02-2015, 18:53
Decided to remove the hellpit in favour of a doomwheel and wlc, also removed the gutter runners added a warlord and have him the wizarding hat just for the ***** and gigs.

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