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28-06-2006, 17:17
Like the title states, which of the 2 armies posted below would be more efficient in a 500 pt tournament setting (ie no more than 50 models, and 33% of all models can carry bow/crossbow)?

Please note, i will be playing against all armies.

Here are the 2 armies:

Army 1:

WoMT w/ banner
10 WoMT w/ shields
13 WoMT w/ shields and spears
12 WoMT w/ bows

37 models in total. 500 points on the mark.

I feel a weakness in this comes when fighting FV 6 cave trolls backed by shammans w/ immobalize or the FV 7 mordor trolls.

Army 2:

Legolas w/ elf cloak
10 WoMT w/ shields
9 WoMT w/ shields and spears
8 WoMT w/ bows

29 models in total. Also 500 points on the mark.

This army has less models than the 1st but Legolas is in it so as to kill those pesky trolls (w/ his shooting and might) from afar.

So, there you have it. Which army do you feel is better and if you see any added weakness please note them along w/ changes you feel are efficient.


28-06-2006, 17:47
I feel that Aragorn is too expensive, irrespective of the type of Aragorn. And that leads you to all your might in one place, and not very much maeuverability.

I'd be more inclined to swap him with basic captains, or Faramir.

I'd also consider swapping out some archers for rangers, espeically in the second army, where you don't have the bows for a volley fire.

Can you get some cav in there? Say 4 or 5? might be a good idea.

Saying that, I would opt for the second army as the better one.

28-06-2006, 18:04
Pertinax thanks for the response. I do not currently have any cavalry b/c they are too expensive (points) to put into my army.

I agree w/ your point on replacing the archers w/ rangers, although there is no way to do any volley fire w/ only 29 modles b/c of the 33% archer resriction.

I find that in 500 point games Aragorn (butt naked) really shines b/c he can call a heroic combat every round. If my opponent fields 50 models vs my 29, Aragorn will cut through his/her winkier rank and file troops quicker than my opponent w/ limited might would.

I find the above mentioned strategy coupled w/ having Legolas (for a shooting advantage vs most armies) makes this army rather tough to beat.

W/ regards to Aragorn, 1 thing i noticed is people either love or hate him. For me, i find he is definitely worth points plus he is my favorite character so how can i not use him?


28-06-2006, 18:39
Faramir and a Captain of Gondor would do very well to lead that force and still wouldn't be as expensive as Aragorn.

I'll consult my BBB and see if I can find some better input from my side though

28-06-2006, 18:45
Alas, to include Faramir and a captain, though cheaper than Aragorn would ruin the theme of my army (it would also cause me to not use my favorite character from the whole world of Tolkien) and it would eliviate any FV6 i have.

Given that, i will change the topic from "Which army from the two listed would do better in 500 pts match?" to "what is an efficient 500 point army w/ Aragorn in it?"

I thought the ones that i posted were but now i feel they are not so efficient due to the responses so on that note, please help in the design of a 500 point army led by Aragorn.


28-06-2006, 21:08
Well... Aragorn with VERY basic equippment, bow and armour, then, throw in a group of Dunedain for the remaining points, not a numerous force, that is a given, BUT, it is quite useful AND themed (just don't take the Banner of the Eveningstar or whatever it's called, far to expensive for 500 pts)

28-06-2006, 23:15
I don't like Army 2 as the theme is a little too tenuous for me.

Army 1 is OK providing Aragorn is not 'butt naked'. A armoured version would be better, with the theme along the lines of King Ellessar accompanied by a company of warriors.

Yes, I go for theming my force as the sole factor in army selection for LOTR SBG games. If the army does not feel right and can't be justified by His Writings then I won't field that army. I never use the books for the themes either!

29-06-2006, 15:25

The problem w/ doing a dunedain army is that they all have bows meaning that if i were to make an army of them i would voilate the 33% bows rule.

In terms of including Aragorn butt naked on army 1, he did fight pretty much butt naked in pelenor fields, although the men outside the walls of Minas Tirith were Rohanian (i never thought about that).

I would like to try a grey company but that would be way too many points for a 500 point battle. How would an Aragorn and army of the dead fair on the fields of battle. I have thought about that one for a while but the army (in 500 pts) would be small w/ no shooting and it would have rough time trying to catch a shooty army - nah it does not sound like a very tactically sound army.

How about Aragorn, Gimli, legolas and 19 men of Rohan. This is still a very small army, but it is themed and from my experiences, having legolas in an army w/ an elven cloak allows one to cause the enemy to come to them, and having a butt naked Aragorn and Gimli to deal w/ is not that easy in close combat.

What say you?

29-06-2006, 19:12
I think that the Rohan army with Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn is the best you've made so far. There are three reliable heroes to support the light infantry. Theme wise, some opponents may disagree but you can say that it is a Helm's deep army aswell.

29-06-2006, 20:59
Well, Aragorn is a very good leader and I would also have chosen him as the leader. But I think you would need some KoMT like 5. And of course you'll mount Aragorn, that will be 250 pts, it's expensive but if you are in a big luck of dices it is worth it. And the rest of the points you take some WoMT with a Captain. One Captain can't break your theme, can it?