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04-02-2015, 18:02
I've got a fairly large collection of wargames, rules and systems so I thought it'd be a good idea to split them down to make it fairly easy to read and also for me to chronicle

For Sci-fi rules I have...

Mars Attacks
Batman : The Miniature Game
Battlefield Evolution : Apocalypse Z
Secrets Of The Third Reich
Retro Raygun

For Sci-fi miniatures I own......

One Cowboy Themed House Orlock Gang
One Enforcer gang
One Maurader Gang
One Rebs gang
One Plauge gang
Several Deadzone Mercanaries
One Black Mask gang
One Large Mars Attacks Martian force
One Large Mars Attacks Human force
One Pan Oceania gang
One Weird War British Additions
One Weird War German Additions
One Enforcer army
One ForgeFather army
One Galacteers army
One Valkeeri army
One Robot Legion army

Pictures, Battle Reports and W.I.P. will be added later.

05-02-2015, 14:40
Here's the start of my Batman : Miniatures Game collection, a Black Mask crew. I chose this faction due to several reasons, first of all was variety, the other members of my club and gaming group all had several crew but not this one specifically. Secondly Black Mask has a fairly simple background, unlike any of others Gothams crazies he's pretty much a Mobster with some quirks which means his rules aren't too complex (such as say Joker whom has a fair amount or Two-face who suffers from a rule that causes him to re-roll everything thanks to his MPD). Finally he has no particular likes or dislikes so it leaves me open to hire a fair amount of Mercenaries (ala Arkham Origins).

Assembly wise it wasn't too bad (though the separate heads of the miniatures was a tad small) and cleaning them up was fairly easy. Since i'm a bit weak on basing I chose the easy route and ordered some bases from Model Display Products (http://www.modeldisplayproducts.co.uk/index.php?route=common/home), going for their 'Regal Bases' range. I intend to paint them up to look like marble with a kind of 'Scarface' feeling. I'll probably paint the miniatures themselves to either resemble Knight Models design or alternatively look for some inspiration from the comics.


11-02-2015, 09:48
I aided in a game of 'Batman the miniature game' last night at my local gaming club. I was essentially the book-keeper/GM since i'd read barely more of the rules then they had (lol) It's a fairly complex system compared to your average war-game (or even your average skirmish game) but I find the counter allocating system interesting and somewhat unique. We got to turn 2 by the time I had to leave (after 2 and a half hours ) but I chalk that up to simply a new system, also didn't help we did a fairly large points game (350) instead of the average intro game size of 150.

The game itself featured some impressive laser-cut MDF terrain by a friend of mine which included buildings, flower-pots, benches, lamp-posts , sewer lids and even a very nice gothic fountain.

It was a dark and stormy night in Gotham and the Penguin was up to no good. Batman and Gordon suited up to stop him.....

Good Guys had...

Frank Millers 'The goddamn' Batman
Commissioner Gordon
3 Swat guys
2 Police

Bad guys had

Titan Thug
Several Penguin thugs.


Highlights included Catwoman trying to climb a building and not making it having to spring back down, a Penguin Thug missing 6 shots with an assault rifle on a Policewoman inadvertently destroying a lamp-post, a Policeman tasering the Penguin, Commissioner Gordon calling in 'Air Support' (laying a big explosion template down) only for it to just be a big flare ( :( ) and a Penguin Thug going all Jack Nicholson with a fire-axe on Commissioner Gordon only to be just 2cm away from close combat.

21-02-2015, 21:10
Now for some Infinity miniatures. I've only really played an intro to Infinity (prior to the 2nd ed re-shuffle) it seems like a nice game and i'd like to play more of it in the future. My faction is the (vanilla) Pan Oceannia , no crazy knights or planetary special forces just the generic 'western heroes'. The painted models are the older ones , the primed ones are the newer.











07-05-2015, 20:13
It's been a bit of while since I've updated this thread (I think it's my least updated Miniature log of mine lol). Well here's a few things to change that.

First of all here's my mostly completed Forgefather/Squat/Space Dwarf army featuring a mixture of Mantic, Gw and other miniatures residing in my display case. It's been a while since they've graced the battlefields of the far future but like the stalwart old grumblers they are they've tolerated it giving tips to the newcomers on how to dodge incoming fire and the finer points of beard management.


To battle against them for profit, trading rights and the need for everyone to buy Levi's are my Corporation Enforcers. Unfortunately only partially painted they are awaiting an order of the latest hi-tech laser proof paint from their corporate rival. All Mantic they unfortunately consist of the restic they were previously using and not the much nicer plastics.


Next up bringing the fight to those dastardly Krauts and their fiendish monstrosities comes two Clockwork Soldiers wielding 50 cal machine guns, this rounds out a unit of power armored WW2 British troops of mine for SOTTR. The models come from Clockwork Goblin. They have some Bolt Action compatible rules so feel free to throw them into your WW2 games to add some variety.


Gotham gains two new issues as a bat-bearing thug and the Super-Assassin Deadshot appear. I have the other Black Mask thug however i'm having some difficulty assembling him.


07-05-2015, 20:52
As is tradition while at Salute I managed to pick up a new system, Retro Raygun (http://www.hydraminiatures.com/)


It's a 32mm Retro Sci-Fi game around a large skirmish size in the same vein as SAGA (so anywhere between 15 to 50) with a fairly abstract rule set. The game is less about 'line 'em up and fight' and more about completing scenarios with six already being in the book. A unique mechanism in the game is the 'Retro roll off' wherein you simply roll dice and compare who has the highest to see if something is successful, be that shooting, combat etc. You have the usual stats for movement, combat etc. Something interesting however is that there is stats for 'science' and 'demolition' both useful for scenario play wherein you may have to hack a computer or blow up a door etc.


As mentioned earlier the game has a retro sci-fi aesthetic in line with the late 40's to the late 60's (often described as 'Raygun Gothic' or 'Atompunk' (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RaygunGothic) ) and the fluff reflects that. You've got your good guys, the Galacteers, a Buck Rogers/Star Trek Federation style group of heroic individuals who fight evil and bring peace to the galaxy, they are equipped with ray guns and jet packs. Then you've got the badguys, The Robot Legion and The Valkeeri. The Robot Legion were created when a pioneering scientist created the first AI and downloaded her into a (Maschinenmensch inspired ) body. As is the way with these things she rebelled and escaped creating factories on distant worlds to begin the construction of her murderous armies whom wish to wipe out all organic life. The Valkeeri on the other hand are a race of amazonian warrior women with an extreme distaste of men and a economy run on slaves. Think of them as a nicer variant of Dark Eldar.

There are also two other races in the background, the Zenithians and Imperials. Not sure what they look like yet (though there's some talk that the Imperials are Ming The Merciless style humans) but they exist in the same Retro Raygun universe only appearing in their other game War Rocket.

So far i've managed to purchase 90% of the Retro Raygun range, alot of money to drop at once but I like the product so much I think it's worth it. Too many games these days either go for the Grim-Dark/Tolkien route that it's nice to see something different.

07-05-2015, 21:09
Here's the miniatures i've worked on so far.

First of all the Galacteers.

The Galacteers have the most heroes in the game, 6 at total but the leaast unit choice. They are quite fast though with their jetpacks giving them a 24 inch move per turn maximum.


Here we have Ace Mcguire and Dr Zahn. Ace has a special rule 'Lucky' which forces your opponent to discard a dice from his Retro roll off, while Dr Zahn has a high science stat and a deflector shield which causes him to always count as if he's in cover, which is really useful since this game has infinite range for shooting.


Far from the usual Damsel in Distress (though she does have her moments) is Jane Hunter, the best pilot in the Galacteers this is reflected in her actual Pilot score used in missions where you need to get a Rocket off of the planet. Next to her is Comet the space-chimp, whilst a funny animal sidekick he is also quite good at repairing things and being a nuisance to the enemy.


Rocky Rizzo next, a huge wall of a man he's the gruff second in command of the Galacteers, best friends with Ace. Finally there's Cadet Skippy Dr Zahns nephew and scientific genius.



These are the only troop choice you get, the Galacteers. Jetpack equipped humans (or human like aliens depending on what you paint them) with ray guns. You can add a Engineer and Atomic Bazooka to the unit to increase its Science and Demolition stat accordingly.

07-05-2015, 21:56
Now for the Valkeeri

They have a few more unit choices then the Galacteers but lack in heroes accordingly, much the same with the Robot Legion in fact (which has only one unique hero).


Here is Empress Xenovia and Princess Alluria. Yes the primer has been a tad ineffective, when I get on to base coat I intend to do a cover over of all of the un-primed areas first. Unfortunately its like that on a large number of the Valkeeri. I intend to go for a Barsoom esq red skin tone and maybe a purple for their leotards etc


A Valkeeri controller using both her mental abilities and physical skill to control the vicious Stygian Panthers, she can also in game control a unit of 'Savage humans' intended to be cave dwelling or iron age tech level.


A Valkeeri unit, I have two they only have one set of each pose so I wont repeat the shot lol


A Valkeeri sky-sled. I've only got the one at the moment but intend to get two units of 3.

07-05-2015, 22:03
The game allows you to add various alien races that you encounter into games, with Hydra Miniatures (the company that produces Retro Raygun) having statted up some of their other products for use in this game, including their models from Primal Dawn a stone-age non-tolkien fantasy game.


The Aquaclops, a fearsome alien creature.


The Cosmic Stranger, knower of wisdom beyond our ken.


A Vardu warrior, a massive sentient tree-monster. I call him Groot.

Easy E
08-05-2015, 21:54
Looks fun. The Valkeeri are intersting.

Lost Egg in this section has some of the War Rocket stuff. Check it out.

09-05-2015, 08:27
Looks fun. The Valkeeri are intersting.

Lost Egg in this section has some of the War Rocket stuff. Check it out.

I did lol, it's what got me interested in the game. I considered picking up War Rocket as well but I dont think it'd have much traction at my club since X-wing is the dogfighter of choice these days.

21-05-2015, 14:01
Assembled and primed all of my Robot Legion for Retro Raygun


A Mini-bot, hordes of the little guys can annoy other units


Hover-bots, think floating mini-bots.


Robot Legionnaires with a heavy weapon upgrade and a Optio (sergeant)


Warbot and Heavy Weapon Warbot


Queen Mechanica and Two centurions. Both heroes for the faction.

Finally my WIP paint scheme for the Robot Legionnaires


Easy E
22-05-2015, 16:32
"Calling Sky Captain, come in Sky Captain!"

28-05-2015, 16:24
It's one of my favorite films.

It really does make me a little sad how we're now in the age of Superheros but their Pulp predecessors don't get any attention aside from the occasional B-movie.