View Full Version : Some Newbie questions about fantasy

05-02-2015, 21:43
Hi All,

Me and a friend had our first battle today and there were some probably simple things we were not clear on, would you be able to clear these up for us?

1) Can you march AND charge in the same turn? (seems a bit broken but nothing anywhere I can see to say you can't)

2) Magic - I am right that each wizard can only attempt to cast each of their spells once per magic phase yes?

05-02-2015, 22:24
1. No you can't since charging is among the first things you do before you do normal movement.
2.Yes unless he has a rule that states that he can cast his spells multiple times which as far as I know, only Lord Kroak is allowed to do that.

07-02-2015, 10:31
1) No, the charge sub phase happens before the remaining moves sub phases(which is where you can march)
2) Yes, this is correct - though there might be some exceptions