View Full Version : 3000pts of dwarfs for rate.

28-06-2006, 17:28
My army is maybe weak in magic....

...but i have a lot of cool heroes!

The white dwarf @ 526pts

1 Dwarf Lord @ 238 Pts
General; Shield; Shieldbearers
1 Runic Weapon
Rune of Speed (x1)
1 Runic Armor
Rune of Preservation
1 Runic Talisman
Master Rune of Spite


Josef Bugman @ 155pts

1 Runesmith @ 145 Pts
1 Runic Weapon
Master Rune of Flight; Rune of Snorri Spangelhelm (x1)
1 Runic Armor
Rune of Stone
1 Runic Talisman
Rune of the Furnace


10 Longbeard Rangers @ 160 Pts
Great Weapon; Throwing Axe;Shield.

15 Quarrellers @ 235 Pts
Musician; Standard Bearer; Crossbow; Great Weapon; Shield; Veteran

15 Dwarf Warriors @ 165 Pts
Great Weapon; Shield

15 Thunderers @ 225 Pts

15 Thunderers @ 225 Pts


15 Ironbreakers @ 270 Pts
Musician; Standard Bearer; Ironbeard;
1 Runic Standard
Rune of Courage; Rune of Sanctuary (x1)

1 Cannon @ 180 Pts
Rune of Forging; Rune of Penetrating (x1); Rune of Reloading;
1 Engineer
Brace of Pistols

Gortex and Felix @ 475pts

total 3000pts

what do you think?

28-06-2006, 19:38
Well, to me you have way too many points in heros. I would first shift those points around before making any further suggestions.

28-06-2006, 19:53
Mate you have no troops! Dwarfs are an army where you cannot pic your fights very well and hence your character will more than likely not see combat. Also dwarf special characters aren't too great in comparison to nicely runed up lords which are much cheaper. Also Bugman gortex and feliex are all non official characters so cn be frowned upon.

If you want to do this sort of game challenge your enemy to the 7 samerai challenge from White dwarf ages ago. Its a full 1500 point army against 7 tooled up slayer characters. Is a great laugh if your oppenent plays in the right spirit (i'e. doesn't take gun line/masss shooting). Try that, as this list is pretty terrible and the only bit that might stand is the special characters which are thought a touch cheesey a 1 per 2-3K let alone 4 in one list.