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08-02-2015, 03:01
I have a tournament coming up in a weeks time and haven't been able to choose army. This is one of the possibilities. I'm looking for ideas, critique and comments, as everyone else.

The tournament will be comped with a homebrewed comp. The comp. can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kdmrnm9tbh1x9cp/AACgkwEd5FOnuSFx120Ltb6_a?dl=0

I don't expect you to read it, but I'll summarize it and explain the choices - then I hope you can see some faults in what I've done, or tell me it's good as it is if so.

It's a pooled comp. There are "hard choices" of which you can have a maximum of 5 and "soft chocies" of which you can have as many you want. You substract the hard choices and add the soft choices, starting at 5.

Comp Score = 5 – (Number of Hard choices) + (Soft pool bonus points)

You add your comp score (higher is better) when rolling to see who chooses board side, decides who deploys first, and who starts (huge for a lot of armies)

hard choices for:
601+/751+/901+ points in lords = 1/2/3 respectively (not commulative)
3+ ward save on a character = 1
3rd eye of tzeentch on a character with 3+ ward save = 1
601+ points in heroes = 2
Chaos Chariot (core) = 1
Skullcrushers = 1 (2nd unit = 2)
Chimera = 1 (any additional = 2)
Hell Cannon = 1 (2nd = 2)
(and more, but this is probably the most important for this list)

Keep in mind, this is a Legion of Chaos - but I'm only working with models from Warriors of Chaos.

Comp score of 1 (Hard choices: 601p+ in lords, 3+ ward on Archaon, Chaos Chariot, Skullcrusher unit. No soft choices)

++ (2399pts) ++

+ Lords (650pts) +

Archaon (650pts) [AB - The Armour of Morkar, AB - The Crown of Domination, AB - The Eye of Sheerian, AB - The Slayer of Kings, Dorghar, Lore of Death, Wizard Level 2]
2++ against spells

+ Heroes (524pts) +

Chaos Sorcerer (260pts) [Daemonic Mount, Lore of Tzeentch, Mark of Tzeentch, Wizard Level 2]
Chaos Mutations & Powers [Chaos Familiar]
Magic Items
sits on a 2(3)+/4++, W3, T5 (3++ against spells)

Exalted Hero (264pts) [Battle Standard Bearer, Great weapon, Mark of Tzeentch, Shield]
Chaos Mutations & Powers [Third Eye of Tzeentch]
Daemonic Mount [Barding]
Magic Items
sits on a 2(3)+/4++ (rerolling 1's), W3, T5 (3++ against spells)

[B]+ Core (601pts) +

Chaos Chariot (115pts) [Mark of Slaanesh]

5x Chaos Warhound (40pts) [Vanguard]

18x Chaos Warriors (361pts)
18x Mark of Tzeentch, 18x Shields
Full Command [AB - Blasted Standard (Tzeentch only)]

5x Marauder Horsemen (85pts) [Flails, Mark of Slaanesh]

[B]+ Rare (244pts) +

Skullcrushers of Khorne (244pts) [Musician]
3x Skullcrusher [3x Ensorcelled weapons]

+ Special (380pts) +

Chaos Knights (250pts) [Musician]
5x Chaos Knight [5x Ensorcelled weapons, 5x Swords of Chaos (Only if Archaon and no Mark)]

Chaos Warshrine (130pts) [Mark of Slaanesh]


First Archaon:
I love the fluff, I love the model, I love his rules and I love him in conjuction with the LoC rules. With the new EotG table and Reign of Chaos table all 4 effects take place, as he has all 4 marks. Niiiice. Being able to give him a S- or T-boost to his stats with the Warshrine is also very nice. Death gives him Ld 10 spirit leech.

The Warshrine and the characters:
I took the warshrine because of the new EotG table which allows me to sneak in several 3+ ward guys without triggering any hard choices. This is on all my lists, Archaon isn't. As an MoT character gets a bonus to his ward save on 7 and 11, the odds of rolling it are pretty good with 3d6 removing one (warshrine spell).

Chaos Warriors. My bunker for the 3 characters. The unit will have a 5++ against anything (MoT, iron curse icon, shields, MR(1)) except normal shooting (bows and stuff), but then they will also have their armour. Blasted standard to stop warmachines. I have the possibility of charging out of the unit with the characters should it be needed, but if I get into combat I will make way to the front rank leaving no room for rank and file models to be hit, and acting as a meat/wardsave shield, against any unit. I am not sure whether this should be done with some tzeentch knights instead. But I feel that the blasted standard is a risk on the knights (s3/4 shooting becoming s6/8 on bad rolls) as they are so expensive.
Blasted standard also does a great job with archaon. If a cannon ball should hit him, and I fail the blasted standard, the cannon ball can still only wound him on 3+, otherwise it's a 4+ with a 3++ save afterwards.

Chariot, dogs, horsemen: speaks for themselves. Core fillers and solid units.

Chaos Knights and Skullcrushers:
Strong, hard hitting units that can do perform an a lot of things. Also giving my opponent some more things to shoot at. Skullcrushers does it much better.

I am not so sure about the Swords of Chaos/knights. Do 5 of them do anything at all?
I could change them into a hellcannon or a chimera with regen, both of which would give me a comp score of 0 (or tzeentch them up and add archaon/bsb/lvl2 as a bunker).

If I were to change the knights to a hell cannon or a chimera, would I be better off that way? (I would be able to fit in some more stuff on my characters change my mark on the chariot/warshrine).