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10-02-2015, 15:30
Can the Battle Scroll for Creatures of the Chaos Wastes be added to a Legions of Chaos list?

Also has anyone used this battle scroll or any other and are they effective?

forseer of fates
10-02-2015, 17:56
The chaos monsters are not great, and dragon ogres, while the new models are nice are crazily expensive. If its allowed in a legions of chaos list is probably up for debate, im sure mates and suchforth would have no problem, so far all the battle scrolls are soso, so I don't think people will be that worried about it.

11-02-2015, 05:37
According the the ePub, it states that Battle Scroll Formations do not need to be taken from the same Army Book as the army you are fielding, in which case they use the rules for Allies. For Forces of Destruction (except Skaven and Dark Elves with their unique rules), this means they can be added to your army without much effect on how they play. Alternatively, you can even field them with Forces of Order, but expect a lot of trouble while fleeing through each other.

15-02-2015, 21:00
Follow up question:

2500 point game.
500 point Battle Scroll.

Build a 2000 army (500 min Core, etc.) and add 500 scroll
Build 2500 (625 min Core, etc.) but only build 2000 points and then add 500 scroll?

16-02-2015, 00:29
The second one.