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11-02-2015, 21:42
So I'm going against elves (all 3 kinds) with this list over the next few days and I feel like I'll get my behinds handed to me.
I don't have much room to change it, not too many different models I can use but I'd like to know what I should look out for and if maybe I should kit out my characters different. The DP will use lore of nurgle (low toughness on elves should get me some kills) and the sorcerer lore of shadow (I'll remove the MoN from him so he can take it for those games).

Daemon Prince (235), 4 magic levels (140), MoN (10), Chaos Armour (20), Daemonic Flight (40),
Soul Feeder (10), Chaos Familiar (25), Scaled Skin (20), Sword of Striking (15), Charmed Shield (5),
Dragonbane Gem (5), Flaming Breath (30)

Exalted Hero (110), BSB (25), MoN (10), AHW (3), Potion of Strength (20), Helm of Many Eyes (25)

Exalted Hero (110), MoT (10), Disc of Tzeentch (30), Talisman of Preservation (45),
Third Eye of Tzeentch (10), Great Weapon (6)

Chaos Sorcerer (110), Level 2 (35), MoN (10), Skull of Katam (15), Enchanted Shield (5)

18 Chaos warriors+MoN+Halberds (342), Standard Bearer (10), Musician (10)

18 Chaos warriors+MoN+Halberds (342), Standard Bearer (10), Musician (10)

Chimera (230), regeneration (15), Flaming Breath (30)

5 Chaos Knights+Ensorcelled Weapons+MoK (225), Standard Bearer (10), Musician (10)

3 Screamers of Tzeentch


11-02-2015, 21:47
Drop the second exalted hero and expand ur core

11-02-2015, 22:25
Which hero? BSB is pretty important and so is the unkillable guy on disk, he can be used to get into anything and slowly grind it down.
And I don't see what my core is missing. I don't have any chariots and marauders of any kind are rather useless.

18-02-2015, 11:35
18 man blocks aren't that threatening especially not when they're M4, those White Lions/Swordmasters will grind wreck them with before they get a chance to hit back. Also add a champion to each block so your lvl 2 doesn't have to go into a challenge his Prince or the like.

Make your BSB the unkillable disc man.

23-02-2015, 16:25
havent got really into 8th yet, but is an enchanted shield on a sorcerer allowed nowadays?

23-02-2015, 17:08
It was allowed in 7th too.