View Full Version : Magic levels and power dice

13-02-2015, 08:09
I've been seeing a lot recently people saying level 1 wizards are pointless as they basically only get spells off with irresistable force or will get dispelled easy. I'm confused by this. Can spellcasters only use power dice equal to their level now? I thought level only determined number of spells.

13-02-2015, 09:00
You are right, the wizard level only determined how much spell you can have, and how many bonus you add to your casting roll. It doesn't limit you in the number of power dices you can use.

The problem is that your opponent will usually have someting like ~4 dispel dice. And if he know you have only a single spell, there is no point to do anything else than just throwing all his dispel dice. So you will have to use more power dices that he has dispel dices, meaning you will roll usually 5 or 6 dices. That is calling for a miscast.
That's why people tend to use at least 2 spells (regular spell or bound spell, doesn't matter), preferably 3, in order to divide their power dice and force the opponent to choose which one he want to dispel.

13-02-2015, 14:11
Ah of course! That completely passed me by. Thanks a lot!