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15-02-2015, 12:54

As this is my 1st post here at Warseer, (not counting the mandatory 2 posts required to post here) I assume it's polite to introduce myself. I'm a 22-year-old casual WHFB hobbyist from Finland.

I'm posting here to discuss and share opinions about WHFB, mostly about strategies and army lists.

So far I've only played friendly games (about 10 games) and now I'm looking towards to my 1st tournament. Rules are standard 8th edition, 1000 points.

Here's my initial list:

TOTAL: 997p

Heroes: 215p

Chaos Sorcerer, Lore of Metal, MoT, LvL 2, Scroll, Charmed Shield, Disk of Tzeentch. 215p

Core: 398p

17x Warriors of Chaos, Msc, StB, MoK, AHW, Shields, Banner of Swiftness - 358p
5x Chaos Warhounds,Vanguard - 40p

Special: 140p

Gorebeast Chariot, MoN - 140p

Rare: 244p

3x Skullcrushers of Khorne, StB, Enscrolled weapons - 244p

My concerns so far:

1.No BSB: I'm worried about losing a combat and having no re-roll. Although I'm pretty sure i cant fit a sorcerer AND a BSB in a 1000p list. So should i get rid of the sorcerer and go for a BSB?
2.The large Warriors unit: I'm afraid of cannon fire and AoE spells breaking the backbone of my army. Not sure my Dispel Scroll and their shields are enough. Is 17 too many/few
3.Mark on the Warriors unit: Should i go Tzeentch for a better anvil or keep MoK for hitting power? My 6-wide AHW+MoK Warriors unit has been a powerhouse in my games.
4.The Sorcerers lore and fielding: Is metal a good choice? I find the signature spell reliable. Also how would i play the Disk Sorcerer? I don't have any experience with a Disk.
5.Hounds being the only war-machine hunters and chaff.

The tournament type is a typical "ladder-elimination", not sure whats the proper word for that. 1st games are best of three and after that it's just best of one. Players can choose the scenario for each game, so it's most likely randomized, unless both agree upon "Battleline".

I know there's at least: two Lizardmen armies, one O&G army and one WoC army. I'm also suspecting a Skaven and a Empire army. I have no idea who i will be facing 1st, the hobby shops owner will choose the partners based on armies and abilities.

Thanks for reading and hoping for some discussion and advice.

15-02-2015, 18:52
To add, all the games I've played have been 1,5k+ so some advice regarding the usual pros/cons and how to deal with them in 1000 points game would be highly appreciated. :)

17-02-2015, 01:14
No-one has any suggestions to share? Was at least hoping for some critique.

17-02-2015, 07:27
I don't see anything wrong with the list, it hits pretty hard.
At this pts level I'd personally take a chimera. It's even better than usual because there's fewer things that can blow it up and when it starts munching away at that infantry block there's less likely to be a super combat lord to run over and cut it down.
Skullcrushers are still a decent choice though, just hope you don't run into an army with many redirects cause your two main units are khorne and you might find yourself scattered awkwardly around the battlefield.
As for the Disk, just make sure you're always out of the charge arc of your enemy when you get close and try to deploy out of LoS of his shooting to give you a free turn.
He seems a bit frail with just a charmed shield, you could go for enchanted shield and Dawnstone which would give him a 1+ rerollable at only 30pts but then you'd have to give up the scroll. If you did, the chaos familiar is a good choice, it costs 25pts but it is bought from the gifts so you'd be well within the magic item limit.

17-02-2015, 20:04
Thanks a lot for your thoughts!

I'll consider the chimera, since this seems like a good excuse to buy a new model :)

I'll also consider the items on the sorcerer. Maybe I'll post another list after a little thought.