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19-02-2015, 13:28
Heys, looking for some CC for this 3k empire list made for all comers (sorta) the armies I play are O&G, VC, Empire, Lizards, Beastmen, WoC, Skaven

Arch Lector: AoMI, luckstone, GW
Shadow Battle Wizard: lvl 4, Dispel scroll
Captain: BSB, FP, Shield, Skaven Helm, dawnstone
Captain: pegasus: ironhooves, dragonhelm, potion of foolhardiness, FP, lance, shield.
Priest: barded warhorse, HA, shield
Priest: HA, enchanted shield.
Engineer: LA (with helblaster)
Engineer: LA, charmed shield, pigeon bombs

x49 Halberdiers: musician, banner
x20 Halbers, musician, banner
x9 IC Knights: musician, banner, gleaming pendant

x4 DemiGs: musican, banner
x28 GreatSwords: musican, banner of discipline
x5 Outriders: champ
x1 Cannon

x1 Helblaster
x1 Stank

Any changes on equipment, unit sizes, tactics and so on would be much appreciated. I have never played O&G, VC, or Skaven with my empire.


Line of Hurin
19-02-2015, 15:45
Well your list is kind of everywhere, what are you planning on doing?

I would Combine the halberds into a massive brick with arch lector and bsb installed.

then make two units of 15 great swords on the flanks, with their 4+ and stubborn they will hold a little while, main focus is on mind razor on the 68 halberds, it will just murder anything it hits.

Also the other engineer isn't doing anything useful, if you want him just for bird bombs then drop everything else.

Also consider dropping the stank for another cannon & helblaster, that will give you a purpose for both engineers and another cannon, or if your going for a mobile force, drop your artillery and take another stank, if you move around points a little you can take two bare bones engineers with bombs.