View Full Version : Lore of Nehekhara signature spell (in Undead Legion)

Scion of Sanguinius
19-02-2015, 17:29
Just a quick question (I don't have my Nagash book on me):

Does the Lore of Nehekhara signature (Incantation of the Desert Wind) work on Vampire Count models in the Undead Legion army? I'm assuming yes since they sort of took the distinction away in the Nagash book, but just wanted a second opinion... maybe some good movement shenanigans could be had between this spell, Vanhel's in LoV, and the other spell in Lore of Undeath (Markharn or whatever).

forseer of fates
19-02-2015, 18:27
Well since it says ignore the nehkarahan part of nehkarahan undead, I would assume so.

19-02-2015, 19:25
Yes. Since you can combine the armies the LoV and LoN work on any undead. And your tactic of multiple movements during the magic phase gives the undead a huge advantage. Especially the Lore of Undeath's since it states the unit can make a normal move. I asked my local GW what normal move meant and he said anything the model could do in the movement phase with the exception of a charge. So Vanhel's is a great buff that you can get everyone in position and re-rolling missed hits and move, Breath of Darkness is great for some rez and movement. Been working wonderfully for me against Lizardmen. Haven't played my friend with Empire or Skaven yet with new rules.

19-02-2015, 20:26
Agreed with auStun: the Nagash book states that all references to "xxx Undead" become references to all undead, so all of the Nehekaran spells work on all undead models in an Undead Legion army list.

I have found that the ease of access to movement spells actually makes Legions one of the fastest and most maneuverable armies in the game. I have played games where after the first turn I am in a position to make the charges that I want and control my opponent's movement.