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29-06-2006, 08:54
Chaos Dwarves

Chaos Dwarf lord
Black hammer of hashut
armor of gazrakh
gauntlets of bazhrakk

Chaos dwarf sorcerer
dispel scrollx2

24 Chaos Dwarf warriors
Full command
great axes

25 chaos dwarf warriors
full command
great axes

17 chaos dwarf warriors

17 chaos dwarf warriors

16 chaos dwarf warriors

Death rocket

Death rocket

Death rocket

Earth shaker

Yeah, I know there aren't any points there, but expedience was the name of the game with the list assembly(I'm almost 100% confident of the list legality)

The basic theory of the army is to set up a mobile gunline. Since the CDs can move and fire the blunderbuss, I thought it'd be crafty to set up a line, and advance the army as a whole. With five meaty units advancing acrost the board at the same time (with the two larger infantry blocks protecting the center, with the smaller blunderbuss unit between them) I would assume it would be a rather intimidating sight.

Not only that, but the blunderbuss effectively affords a 15" "danger" zone in front of the entire army (move 3"+12" range). Which should afford me some cover against mean foot units.

Now for the weaknesses. Eek.

I can virtually do nothing against quick cavalry. Except shoot them with artillery. most units will be able to comfortably sit 16" out of my "danger zone" and take their pick on chargable units.

Monsters and flying skirmishers. These have the easy task of getting behind my lines, and having a few cannon crews for lunch. I've thought about slimming down the greataxe units, to provide a small unit (or a few) of CDs to actually face backwards, and guard the artillery.

Magic. A heavy magic army will certainly rip me a new one. Certainly since my 3/6" move/march radius isn't much to brag about.


PS. You'll notice a lack of greenskins. That is intended. I don't want to include the greenies in my list, I want to represent a fresh CD force, rolling out of some remote location to slowly(hah-hah) mash some wayward opponent.

29-06-2006, 16:41
You have a good list and this would mess up a lot of armies. Remember why the earthshaker is called the earthshaker and you should be fine. The only thing i would recommend is dropping the 17th blunderbuss dwarf on each of the units and bring the two units of dwarfs down to 20 strong or so. Doing this you should be able to take a few bull centaurs, I don't know if this goes away from your theme but it would help out against faster armies (and these guys are brutal). Also, lore selection on your sorcerer, what is it? Another thing, keep in mind very few magic heavy armies can deal out a lot of pain in the first turn, just watch out for comet.

30-06-2006, 05:27
Due to the abysmal failure of my projected post in the tactics forum, I had little hopes that this list would garner any positinve/intelligent feedback.


To your concerns.
I assume you'd drop the 17th dwarf in each of the blunderbuss units to make them more compact, 4x4, and free up some of the points.

I like this idea, and I'll shave the (hah..hah..shave a dwarf!) few points there, but initial reluctance to sheer (ok, enough with the shaving refrences) the larger units is overweighed with the idea of perhaps the bullcentaurs might be a bit more of a welcome unit, adding a rather superior punch to the rest of the army.

Adding another "hammer" unit is never a bad thing, when the entire core of the army is an anvil, right?

Lore selection:I was thinking fire or metal, for basic, easy to snag magic missiles. After all, he IS a scroll caddy, and I don't honestly expect him to do much, but I supposed the occasional exrea shooting can't hurt.

Thanks for the replies


30-06-2006, 08:51
Aside from recommending dropping the Blunderbuss units down to 15, you can afford to drop the great weapons from the CD units. CD Warrior units don't win from kills as much as from CR, and generally you won't get the charge anyway. This will give you enough points to get a decently sized Bull Centaur unit (At least six).

Freak Ona Leash
30-06-2006, 19:24
I know you said the lack of greenskins was purposeful but really, do reconsider. You can get a LOT of them. hobbos are only two points each, same as your stock Gobbo but with admittedly better stats. Replacing all, or at least some of your Chaos Dwarf Warriors units with them would free up a lot of points tot put funner stuff like cavalry in. Plus, though it doesnt sound like you are much interested in it, CD background shows that the Hobgoblins are used as excellent cannon fodder and included in almost every fwar they fight. And, they do that role with a shocking aptitude. They are better at fighting then goblins (but beyond Skink skirmishers and Zombies, what isnt?) but still cost the same dirt cheap price. So, you actually have a fair decent chance of beating enemy units in close combat. Nailing down key enemy units with Blunderbuss fire and charging with big, meaty units of Hobbos is an fairly workable strategy. Due to the size of your units (30 is a good start. Its only going to be at most, around 100 points for a unit.) you can take quite a bit of shotoing and still have full rank bonus and whatnot. Dont worry about having your Blunderbusses charged, they can do ok in a scrap. Unless it is something that hits really hard of course, like Saurus Cavalry or Ogre Ironguts or something. But beware flank charges with the Hobgoboos. They will almost certainly run away. But then again, a unit or two of Wolf boyz, bought with the points saved form using Hobbos instead of CD warriors, should aid in keep flank charges ot a minimum. Or setting your blunderbusses on the flanks. Nothing says "Keep off my lawn!" better than those bastids. Oh, and do keep your Lord around the Hobbos. They run off at the drop of a hat.

01-07-2006, 04:58
They run off at the drop of a hat.

Hah, no pun intended, right? :D

I know the greenies are a big advantage to the CD list. And that's a part of the reason I'm staying away from them.

When I make an army, I don't like to muddle it with too many "different" factors. My beasts of chaos list has NO unit entry not found in the BoC list, my Bret. army is full of knights, my Skeleton army is full of..well.. skeletons.

When I take a shine to an army, it's usually because of one face of that army, and I tend to stick to that face, or I usually lose interest(usually by gaining interest in something else!). The CDs are unlike anything I've ever played before, and I kinda want to keep it that way.

Still, thanks for the intelligent replies, I honestly thought my thread was doomed to fall into obscurity.