View Full Version : How precious are you about your Black Library limited editions?

knight of the first legio
22-02-2015, 15:51
We know that Black Library like to charge premium prices for their limited edition material, but I am wondering if this translates into how people view and care for what they buy.

Do you take great care to keep the book as 'mint condition' as possible, or do you value the words inside more than the outside condition of the book?

I am interested as I try to keep all my books as 'mint' as possible whereas my girlfriend will bend back spines and fold page corners on any book she is reading (although she doesn't read Black Library stuff).

Pictures welcome.


22-02-2015, 18:14
I do not take extra care in keeping them nice, but i would NEVER fold the page corners or bend the spines or any kind of mutilation on it. Somewhere in between what u described

The Black Shield
22-02-2015, 18:29
Don't know, I've never bought one.

Lord Damocles
22-02-2015, 19:16
I try to keep all of my books in as a good a condition as possible.

I don't think that my collector's deition of Xenology has even left the room it's kept in for almost a decade... :cool:

23-02-2015, 01:24
I try but If I really get into it I forget and end up bending it a bit beside I take mine with me so they scuff a bit so I dig mind as long as most the books intact and artworks visible still;)

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The Black Shield
23-02-2015, 03:08
I try to keep all of my books in excellent condition unfortunately I am alone in that regard.