View Full Version : Hypothetical 6000 point list vs. High elves

24-02-2015, 16:22
Ok. So, we will be playing on a normal sized board with normal rules.

This is going to take a while...


Morathi+Lore of Dark Magic=375

Dreadlord+Black Dragon+Brace of Repeater Handbows+Lance+Shield+HA+SDC+Talisman of Preservation+General=519


Master+BSB+SDC+HA+Enchanted Shield+Dawnstone+Sword of Might+Brace of Repeater Handbows+Banner of Nagarythe=255

Death Hag+Witchbrew+Cry of War=130

Death Hag+Cauldron of Blood+Cry of War=290

Sorceress+Magic Resistance (3)+Level 2+Lore of Life=160

Tullaris Dreadbringer=155


38 BAC+AHW+FC=448

Tullaris and Sorceress join this unit.

38 BAC+AHW+FC=448

BSB and Death Hag join this unit.

35 Witch elves+FC+Razor Standard=460

I will be runnning them in a 5 by 7 with CoB.


20 XBowmen+Shields+FC=580

21 Witch Elves+FC=522


2x Cold One Chariot=230

8x RBT=560

21 Har Ganeth Executioners+FC=564

5 COK+FC=180

5 COK+FC+Banner of Swiftness=195


2x Kharibdyss=320

The idea is that the RBT take down any heavy cavalry, and the crossbowmen take down any flying units. The hordes are so wide that they can't be flanked, is my thinking.
The COKs and the dragon are on the flanks, with the executioners filling in behind. The cold one chariots go inbetween the hordes with the witch elves supporting behind.

What do you guys think???

24-02-2015, 16:25
Total by the way is 5831.

I want to add some magic items to the dragon lord but do not know what, also do I need more shooting??