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24-02-2015, 21:11
A fair bit of discussion on the death/change/kerfaffle on warhammer has been of the 'well I am off to play Kings of war (bigger battles)/God of Battles (smaller battles)/Warmahordes (they have battles?)'.

Warhammer has been a popular system, spawning the successful Warhammer historicals. You could have big blocks of troops but have an attachment to every one, sometimes to an extreme slowing things down with chrome that has no benefit for the actual execution of the tabletop game.

GW though came out with its bigger battles system (and then made it 10mm) and I just wondered those that played both and prefered WFB how did you find it (Warmaster). From the rumours WFB might be headed to smaller battles. But the WFB system is still popular, while the ones that are designed for big battles (KoW, Warmaster, etc) not so.

What was the magic ingredient that makes you want to play games with the WFB ruleset (of whatever edition) than the custom design jobs, especially GWs other offering (which has been very sucessful overall, with Fantasy, Ancient, Medivial, WWII, Cold War and Sci Fi versions)?

24-02-2015, 22:42
That is a tough one.

I guess the scale plays a component. The figures are big enough to look good, but not too big to seem more like a toy than a model.

Then there is the 1 model = 1 man approach, which means when you pick a random figure it is easier to imagine that that 1 solo regiment member has a home/family/history.

Then there is the generic look to it. It makes it all so instantly familiar. So if you have any history with Fantasy of any kind, you know what you are looking at. Although, this component has been slowly faded out in the last 10? years or so.

I had been interested in Warmahordes for a while, but I never felt like paying their prices (on a per model basis), but I liked Skornes War Elephants and Circles Warpwolves.

Then I managed to get the old Hordes rulebook cheap on ebay, gave it a read and found out that the Cyclopes have future sight, just like from Krull that 80's classic.
When I was a baby, I thought that Krulls Cyclops was the bees knees, (I also thought Skelletors henchman Triclops was awesome back in the day, probably because of Krull though).
Well, I had to get a Skorne starter after reading that, they remind me of Krull, Masters of the Universe (Hordak) and Wheel of Times Seachan.

I think it is this familiarity which gave Warhammer its magic for me, crazy that it seems to be the main thing that GW is so desperate to leave behind.

The rules only had to be fun enough to not annoy me.

25-02-2015, 01:10
Every army in WF can have a story you can identify with and build upon. I have created a dwarf hold all my own, Karak Kull. I had a Nuln army that took on a life of its own when my pistolers always killed something big, like a giant or chaos lord on a daemonic mount... complete underdog Empire of them.

My Ogres kill then eat every army they fight... well except undead, too many bones not enough meat lol. So to sum up, it's the history of WF that makes the game.