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26-02-2015, 16:04
I play against my cousin regularly and he now has made this list..... It has drove me insane http://www.warseer.com/forums/warseer/images/icons/icon8.png, at first i thought all the special rules couldn't be true as they are so OP. I have the warriors of chaos battalion with a chaos lord and giant please can someone help me put a list together to beat this one (and please minimal spending as i'm really low on cash, but some is fine):

1000 points High Elves:
cauldron of blood(190 pts)
m ws bs s t w i a ld as ws mr type
cauldron 5 - - 5 6 5 - - - 6+4+ (1) Chariot
of blood
Hellebron5 7 7 4 3 3 9 4 10 - - - Infantry
witch elf - 4 4 3 - - 6 1 -
and he also has 500 puts of eternal guard

plz help, if you need more information just comment

forseer of fates
26-02-2015, 18:48
It could be worse, the eternal guard could be witch elves, there's just no way chaos can out combat combined elf rubbish, its mainly just dark elf units with are crazily op. The only way to even try and combat it is by using the legions of chaos rules from the glotkin book, the khorne demon cannons have a decent chance of killing the cauldrons b4 they get into combat.

02-03-2015, 17:40
I deal with this sort of list daily with no problem (with Tomb Kings XD).
Just redirect the 1000+ pts frenzied block with 2 chaff units and kill the rest of the army. With a massive 800 VP advantage in your favor, it should be quite easy.
You don't have to table your opponent and kill everything to win a game, just have 100+VP than your opponent to win.