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29-06-2006, 16:54
So I'm going to be playing in a tourney with something other than my forcibly retired skaven (stupid game club rules- not bitter at all). So i'm going to play my Ogre army. This is what it looks like.

Tyrant: Great weapon, Heavy armour, Gut Maw, and Spangleshard
Butcher: Skullmantle
Butcher: Dispel Scroll
Hunter: 2 Sabretusks, Longstrider

Bulls: 7 with full command and extra hand weapons
Bulls: same as above
Ironguts: 7 with full command
Gnoblar Fighters: 23
Gnoblar Fighters: 23

Yhetees: 3 with Greyback
Yhetees: 3 with Greyback


It totals out to 2499. I've used the large units in the past, and they've worked, but I've only played against armies where 90% of their army is slower than me (dwarves/orcs/chaos). Also, the Yhetee Greyback's have won combat for me time and again.

29-06-2006, 17:19
I, personally, would tone down those big units of Ogres. Sure they will crush pretty much anything they come across, but like you said, someone with faster units could give you a headache, and all it takes is one failed fanic test, and 300+ points worth of Ogres plus a Character start bootin' it towards your own table edge.

29-06-2006, 17:46
I would love to help, but my style on ogre army is fundamentally different from yours, which is not necessarily a bad thing ;)

I tend to run MSU, with a Bruiser BSB and stubborn, lone maneaters that serve as the pivot points for my army. Essentially, the Maneaters engage units, tying them up long enough for my guts and bulls to flank charge, re-rolling their stubborn 8 break tests. If Gorgers had the option to start on the table they would fill this role more effectively...

When you do the math, you are paying 156 points for a rank for your bulls and 192 points for your iron guts. For me, this is simply too much. Over 3 units that is 504 points!!! That could be unit of rather nicely equipped Bull Rhinox Cav (which weigh in at 568 pts with a Warbanner).

Small units of 4 with bellowers (the rest of the command is too expensive) for rallying allow for decent manuevrability and reasonalbe punch. They are also utterly expendible. Your big units are not.

Since you like your yhetees, I will refrain from comment on them

On the other hand, I do like your character loadout, though I prefer the Weirdstone Amulet to the Spangleshard.


02-07-2006, 05:06
I see a lot of people running a lot, or some times a few, units that are small. and in tourneys, they just aren't competitive. Maybe these are weaker players, or I'm just better than they are (rats are always better, WARP LIGHTNING!!!!!!!! - sorry for that), and I stomp all over them. I hear what you are saying Carlos, but I have run up against an army almost exactly what you are talking about and he didn't have anything left at the end of the game (and all I'd lost was about 200 points - in a 3000 point tourney).
Send me your thoughts experience on how well this works.