View Full Version : Excommunication implications

03-03-2015, 21:25
Nice and simple: when a Space Marine Chapter is excommunicated, what happens to elements of the Chapter not with the main body i.e. marines in the Deathwatch; isolated companies, squads, and individuals. It's my understanding that when a Chapter is excommunicated, they're stricken from Imperial records (ala the Soul Drinkers). I would guess that the above cast offs would be judged by the Inquisition, but even if/when found innocent, how could they be returned to a Chapter that does not technically exist anymore?

04-03-2015, 00:19
Members detached to the Deathwatch could well remain there, possibly excising their heraldry and becoming Blackshields. As for others on detached duties, they may do the same, they may be hunted down by Imperial forces, they may become renegades ... or they might just carry on as normal for a while and no-one will notice a change. The Imperium is vast, and the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly, after all.