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06-03-2015, 16:52
SO I have been working on a list for an upcoming tournament with ETC comp restrictions. Some End Times goodies have been allowed, hence the stormfiends you will see below. My 5 points were allocated to 3 stormfiends (1 point each after the 1st) and my 2 warp lightning cannons. I wanted to take something that doesn't really fit the current Skaven meta or net list. I think the element of surprise does help out somewhat. I haven't played a list like this before and it is kind of a throwback, so I am curious to see how it works. I am going to play a buddy of mine today or tomorrow with his VC to test it out against.

So here is the list:

Grey Seer
Warp Energy Condensor, Earthing Rod, 2x Warpstone Tokens 290

Plague Priest LVL 2
Plague Furnace, Dispel Scroll 300

Battle Standard 70

20x Clanrats w/ spear&shields
Full Command, Ratling Gun 175

20x Clanrats w/ spear&shields
Full Command, Ratling Gun 175

20x Clanrats w/ spear&shields
Full Command, Ratling Gun 175

20x Clanrats w/ spear&shields
Full Command, Ratling Gun 175

30x Plague Monks
Full Command with Plague Banner 300

5x Warplock Jezzails 110

5x Waprlock Jezzails 110

4x Stormfiends
1xdrill 3xratling 340

2x Warpl Lightning Cannons 180

2400 on the dot

There are some things I was debating with the list, but I settled with this and decided to test it out. I have some specific tactics in mind with it and would really like to see how it works. The ETC Comp for the tournament allows up to 50% of points to be spent on heros/lords...I plan to focus fire on the high value targets then use the stormfiends and other shooty goodness to thin down ranks before smashing with the plague monk unit as the hammer. The grey seer will focus on casting warp lightning with the warp energy condensor boasting it and maybe throwing down the 13th depending on what I am playing. I think I have taken a lot of stuff that is typically not included in a current Skaven list. Thowback to the days of SAD lists...see how it works.

Let me know your thoughts.

The French Guy
06-03-2015, 18:36
I like it, some interesting ideas.

If I had to retool it I would grab a Power scroll for the Grey seer to "guarantee" a 13th.
I like to take my Clanrats as 20 naked + Warpfire thrower for 150pts.

This would give you 100pts to field a pack of 50 Slaves in order to glue something nasty and shoot it to death.
You already have plenty of gatling fire with the Stormfiends (would even take 4 Gatling, no drill).
Hope it helps!