View Full Version : Deadzone; finally painting stuff.

08-03-2015, 12:26
Hi folks.

I'm starting this log because i've had deadzone since the kickstarter some thousands of years ago (or so it feels) but i've never actually played or painted. Now i'm making some movement to actually put together a solid team and paint what i own.

here's my first 70pt team. May i introduce Edorarkie Haykon's 'head hunter' containment task force, here to solve that pesky plague problem;


Think they've turned up pretty well.


Mega Nutz
11-03-2015, 17:27
Its good to see another DZ log and that containment force is a great opener. Looking forward to further developments!

13-03-2015, 19:22
thanks man! I was one one of the backers for the kickstarter but it wasn't until last week i got to try the game. I am impressed by how easy to play it actually is and how balanced the game is.

on the subject of my guys; got i got thrashed 9-1 by plague. the striders every-other turn fire power is hideous (it nearly oneshot an plague alpha) but doesn't happen enough to justify its points. I also lacked the number of bodies i'd need to cause real damage to a horde.

So here's my next force as i'm taking a break from white enforcers...


greenskins are coming.


14-03-2015, 13:39
Liking the Enforcers. Very nice looking scheme. Can't wait to see what you do with the Marauders. Also I know the feeling of waiting this long to paint your Deadzone stuff. First things I'm actually painting from it are the Plague.

10-04-2015, 04:12
Very cool. I am picking up the starter set tomorrow at a local store that has 1 left. From the battle reports I've watched so far, is it possible Plague is just a very bad match up for Enforcers? I've yet to see the Enforcers win against Plague.

I'm planning a silver and black Robocop style paint scheme for the Enforcers but I'm not sure how I'm going to tackle the Plague yet.