View Full Version : 2000pts High Elves For Tourney - Alarielle

08-03-2015, 15:47
Hey guys, looking for some feedback on a list I made up for a tourney I got in two weeks. I have never played High Elves but know the rules pretty well. I'm also kind of stuck with the models, with most room for change in the characters. I really like Alarielle due to her 12" 5+ ward save bubble. Keep in mind ill be going up against all kinds of End Times nasties.

Questions I'm having:

1. Should I break up the Sea Guard into two units of 20
2. Should I instead go with Archmage and Battle-Standard over Alarielle
3. Should I put my character/s in big Sea Guard or White Lions

Alarielle Avatar of Isha 375pts

40 Lothern Sea Guard 500pts
-Standard, Musician, Shields

19 White Lions 327pts
-Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon

21 Sword Masters 293pts
-Banner, Musician

2 Lion Chariots 240pts

Great Eagle 50pts

3 Bolt Throwers 210pts

Total 1995pts