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09-03-2015, 08:51

I started off my Dwarves this weekend and took a crack at picking a 2k army to help guide what a buy for the next few weeks. As I'm not used to Dwarves and how they play yet, I'm not experienced enough to be able to know if it would work or not, therefore any advice would be appreciated.

- Belegar Ironhammer

- Thane (BSB) : Battle standard, great weapon, master rune of Grungi
- Runesmith : Great weapon, rune of spell breaking (2)

- Thunderers (20)
- Longbeards (19) (Ones with shields) : Full command, Rune of stoicism

- Hammerers (19) : full command
- Cannon (Rune of Forging)
- Gyrocopter: Vanguard
- Gyrocopter: Vanguard
- Gyrocopter

- Organ Gun: Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Forging

09-03-2015, 09:03
How many long beards and hammerers are there?

09-03-2015, 09:11
Doh, sorry will edit

Each had 19 - leaving a space for a character

forseer of fates
09-03-2015, 14:22
Units of 20 will suffer against most 8th ed units that are generally 40+.

19-03-2015, 12:46
I would:
- Drop the Thunderers, they're subpar. Take a bigger LB unit instead.
- On BSB take Strollaz instead of Grugni. Take strollaz on the other unit as well, your Ham's are elite and killy. Use Shieldbeards as anvil.
Otherwise it's a good start. Cannon for the odd monster, OG for any flanking cav. Copters are gold. GOLD! Especially against hordes of T3 infantry or any bowmen. They will also be prime target of enemy shooting, that is why you dont need grugni, enemy will not bother shooting infantry as long as those choppas are around. Be prepared to sacrifice one or two in order to screen dangerous charges with impact hits against your Ham's. Get your infantry into CC as early as possible and you should be fine in most cases.

24-03-2015, 17:54
I would take the great weapon off the runesmith. His job is to dispel things and give his unit armor piercing. His 1-2 hits per combat at a higher strength aren't worth losing armor piercing on an entire unit if he dies. Give the man a shield.

The same arguement could be made for the battle standard bearer, who's job it is also to live, but his toughness 5 and superior combat profile makes more sense to have a great weapon.

Such a big unit of thunderers isn't optimal. Without volley fire, the extra bodies aren't very useful in ranks. Getting 2 units of 10 will give you more shooting flexability. You can place them next to each of your war machines for support.

Hamerers don't really need a unit champion. That 1 attack is rarely worth 10 points and since they can all accept challenges, only put him in there if you can't spend the points elsewhere.