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09-03-2015, 11:28
Hello, just dusted off my old army and bought up a copy of 7th ed. and the newest SM 'dex.

Its all painted and based. Just moving around the past few years things need to be glued again :cries:.

Anyways it has been ages since I've played and I've found a fellow gamer in my area who has a venue to use for games. Things are looking up.

Over the course of my time here on WS I plan to use this thread for all aspects of the hobby for my army. I will post pics once I get everything glued again.

I plan on going over list building, painting, modelling etc. I have some ideas and would like to hear other's ideas about such.

First and foremost though, is my list. I have a week to put a decent one together. Id say 500 points would be a great place to start.

I work long and boring hours which afford me a lot of time to read so I will be tinkering around with over the next few days but I also wanted to compare/contrast my ideas with my fellow members.

I like to keep my army WYSIWYG. So please take that into account if you will be gracious enough to post on here.

Here is a list of what I have, it will be a while before I buy anything new.

They are painted for the 4th company of the Ultramarines.​

1 Captain/Chap Master modeled w/ Chain Sword, combi-bolter
(Incidentally, where can I find the point values for his equipment? The entry states he may take wargear but I cannot find out the appropriate costs.)

1 Librarian modeled w/ Term armor, force weapon

5 Terminators modeled w/ 3 storm bolters, 1 heavy flamer, 1 power sword

1 IC Dread modeled w/ basically all options, have magnetized arms for easy switching

5 Scouts modeled w/ camo cloaks, 4 sniper rifles, 1 missle launcher

11 Space Marines modeled w/ 6 Boltguns, 1 power fist Sgt. w/ boltgun, 1 flamer, 1 meltagun, 1 plasma gun, 1 missile launcher

1 Drop pod modeled w/ deathwind launcher, locater beacon

2 Rhinos modeled w/ 2 (dozer blades?)

Basically I would like to use this entire army but I doubt I could at 500 points.
What would you do with what has been given?

Also if point restriction was not in effect what would you do with given items?

Casper Hawser
09-03-2015, 13:05
There should be a war gear list just before the hq pts lists after all the model pics.

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