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Khaines Wrath
10-03-2015, 00:02
Just curious if this sounds ok.


Prince with great weapon, heavy armour, mounted on Elven steed with ithilmar barding, star lance and Khaines ring of fury.

234 points




150 points

Mage Lv 1 with Lore of Beasts and dispel scroll

95 points

Noble BSB mounted on Elven steed with ithilmar barding and Banner of the World Dragon

145 points


20 Silver Helms with shields and full command

490 points

5 Ellyrian Reavers with bows/spears and full command
125 points


20 Phoenix Guard with full command and Razor Standard

430 points

30 Swordmasters with full command and banner of Eternal Flame.

375 points

TOTAL: 2394

Essentially I have the bus of Silver Helms running around with the Prince, BSB and Mage buffing them nearbye with Beast lore and the Alarielle bunkered in the swordmasters unit. I like the idea of putting Korhil in with the Phoenix Guards for stubborn.

Any advice, I'd be curious for anyone's thoughts.

10-03-2015, 02:51
You can't remove the reavers anyway because you need minimum 3 units.
I don't know about your list, I don't play High Elves but I wish I did and this isn't something I'd try.
There's so many better, and more fun ways to play this army than pushing 3 units across the field.

Khaines Wrath
10-03-2015, 06:24
I kindve agree, I've tried a fair few different varieties, I just don't like the idea of having so few units on the field. I'll update the OP with my new list.

14-03-2015, 15:25
The list isn't bad, but there are a few points that need to be addressed. How would the Silver Helms be arranged? 10 x 2 ruins any maneuvering you want to do, and 5 x 4 wastes 115 points of horsemen. I highly suggest a Phoenix and/or Lion Chariots. Also, that is a lot of Swordmasters for a simple bunker unit.

If you want to go with heavy cavalry, go HEAVY cavalry and chariots, with flyers along to help out maneuver. If you want infantry, keep the big blocks but make the Silver Helms into smaller units (of 10 maybe). I would honestly switch the location of the characters. Give the Swordmasters Stubborn, and get the Banner of the World Dragon into them as well. (I believe you can have a cavalry character join infantry, as long as he moves with them and loses Swiftstride, but I'm not sure, could someone clarify, perhaps?)

Eagles are great chaff units, as they can move 20" over units and terrain, and redirect/block/frenzy-magnet their faces. Also good for hunting down war machines.

The main thing is to know exactly which unit is supposed to do what, and if they aren't doing it, then they are points wasted. Swordmasters are NOT good at holding a line, they are primarily a support unit to bring in a crap-ton of attacks from the flank. Phoenix Guard can't hit as hard, but they are much harder to kill, and they cause fear. What are you going to do with these units? What are you going to achieve with 20 Silver Helms and a Prince? Make sure you know what everyone's mission is, and ESPECIALLY know how your magic will come into play. Without strong, effective magic, High Elves aren't worth crap. Believe me. It took me years to figure that out, and I only won about 3 games as High Elves before I got it down.

Just be strategic in how you choose units, know where you want them to be deployed, and focus on keeping your mages alive. Alarielle is good, but DON'T LET HER DIE.

14-03-2015, 15:38
(I believe you can have a cavalry character join infantry, as long as he moves with them and loses Swiftstride, but I'm not sure, could someone clarify, perhaps?)
He won't be able to get a lookout sir.