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10-03-2015, 19:30
This is a list mostly created with units that I want to play with. I won't be entering tournaments with it, just kick butt at my local store with some of the local players. I was hoping you guys could help me make it better and still fit with the von carstein theme

650 Mannfred on abyssal terror
498 Vampire Lord: HA, shield, nightmare, Lvl 3 lore of beasts, forbidden lore, Red Fury, OTS, ToP, Ogre Blade

40 5 dire wolves
40 5 dire wolves
40 5 dire wolves
270 50 skeletons: champion, standard bearer
120 40 zombies
120 40 zombies

304 9 Black Knights: barding, lances, champion, banner of swiftness
32 2 Fell Bats

195 Black Coach
225 Terrorgheist

This list has lot of cool stuff. There's a lot of synergy with mannfred, the beast vampire and the black coach. If I can get all of that working together I should be able to get some pretty big magic phases and with loremaster of death that could be really scary. The knight unit with the vampire should also be really devastating if I can get wyssan's wildform off on them. Mannfred and my magic phases can obviously benefit from savage beast of horrors. The terrorgheist is just in there because I like the model and the scream effect, he doesn't have much synergy with the rest of the army except that he can stay near mannfred and keep on marching.

10-03-2015, 20:39
Mannfred is super exposed hanging out on an AT all by his lonsesome. Run Undead Legions if you want to do that build, else just put him on foot in the black knights where they'll be safe.

I'm not so sold on the beast caster vampire. Is S8 really worth losing rerolls for? Giving him ASF would make him stronger, and Lore of Vampires has more synergy with the list than beasts regardless.

I'd put Mannfred on a horse and stick him in with the black knights and the other blender. Then add a mounted wight king with the nightshroud as protection for them both. I'd shrink the skeletons to 40 bodies and use the extra points on more wolves.

Finaly, I'd drop the black coach for a 4-pack of vargheists. It's just not very good on its own.

Also don't make Mannfred your general if you can help it. He's super fragile, and with all those spells is much more likely to miscast.