View Full Version : The Lion and "The Guilt" SPOILERS

14-03-2015, 05:52
So for anyone who's read the Dark Angels HH novels, when The Lion finds the warp entity, Tuchulacha (I don't know how to spell it) and IT asks him, how do you deal with that? and he says "My intellect?" and it says "Your Guilt" what is this referring too?

This is before the scene where he's talking to the watchers and he says
"yes, even if it costs me my legion"
but after his "talk" with Curze where Curze goads him by asking him when the last time he stepped foot on Caliban, insinuating that his legion would turn against him.

So maybe its referring to him being guilty about sacrificing his legion to further his own ends?
Or is there something I'm missing?

14-03-2015, 05:57
maybe guilt for ostracizing and shaming a fair amount of his own legion that had done nothing to merit it?

14-03-2015, 06:20
He makes it seem like the Lion is carrying the heaviest guilt that anything has ever felt guilty about ever. The lion is a strange primarch, he calls his men "little brother" which implies that he feels closer to them than other primarchs, they are all members of the order as well, which makes them brothers as well as sons, so maybe thats it? He knows that he's going to have to sacrifice half his legion in order to do what needs to be done, bleed the legions dry until no one has the power to stand against his father on terra. Maybe he's guilty about turning on his real brothers?
When he kills Nemiel, Corswain notices a look of utter satisfaction on The Lion's face followed by immediate despair, maybe its the guilt of him knowing that he would do anything and sacrifice anyone in the name of the emperor.

Or he feels bad that he's been cavorting with daemons/xenos since he crawled outta that gestation chamber...