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16-03-2015, 15:27
Just because. Uses 'Armies of the End Times' rules (no percentage limits, multiple BSBs, although only one grants the army bonuses, the other is just for combat res, end times magic, etc)

+++ host of death (plus a bit) exactly 5000 pts +++

Nagash*, Supreme Lord of the Undead [Lores of Death, Light, Nehekhara, Vampires, Undeath]

Arkhan the Black, Mortarch of Sacrament* [Lores of Death, Undeath]

Krell, Mortarch of Despair*

Vlad von Carstein, Mortarch of Shadow [Lores of Death, Shadow, Vampires]

Vampire Lord [Barded Nightmare, Heavy Armour, Wizard Level 2, Lore of Vampires]
··Magic Items [BRB - Dispel Scroll, BRB - Enchanted Shield, BRB - Sword of Might, BRB - Talisman of Preservation]
..Vampyric Powers [Beguile, Quickblood, Red Fury]

Vampire [Barded Nightmare, Shield, Battle Standard Bearer VC, Wizard Level 1, Lore of Shadow]
··Magic Items [AB - Nightshroud, BRB - Ironcurse Icon]
..Vampyric Powers [Aura of Dark Majesty, Beguile]

Wight King [Battle Standard Bearer VC, Shield]
..the real BSB
··Magic Items [BRB - Armour of Destiny]

14 Black Knights* (vampire lord and vampire go here)
··[14x Barding, 14x Lances (Riders only)]
··Command [Hell Knight, Musician, Standard Bearer]
····Magic Standard [BRB - Razor Standard]

47 Grave Guard* (Vlad, Krell, and Wight King go here)
··[47x Great Weapon]
··Command [Musician, Seneschal, Standard Bearer]
····Magic Standard [AB - Banner of the Barrows]

3 Morghast Harbringers*

3 Morghast Archai*

Casket of Souls

* items marked with an asterisk are part of the Host of Death formation, with the following benefits:
- Arkhan gains +3 to casting attempts while Nagash lives
- The Black Knights and Grave Guard are WS-5
- The Black Knights and Grave Guard suffer -2 wounds from instability

Any thoughts/suggestions? I mean, yeah I'd probably get tabled in a turn to 5k points of any kind of shooting, but hey, they don't call it the 'doomed legion' for nothing. :p

I actually do plan on running this at some point.

16-03-2015, 16:08
I haven't been able to see a copy of any End Times books yet, (grrr) but the list seems pretty well thought out. One question: is your magic strong enough to bring a lot of new skeles into play? I would assume so with all those casters, but if undead don't have a crap load of troops, they can be taken down easily.

16-03-2015, 17:47
Well, it's got Nagash, with x3 summoning and +5 to cast, and arkhan with x2 summoning and +7 to cast, plus a casket for some extra dice, but yeah, it is very dependent on summoning in the early turns and an opponent that shuts that down will absolutely crush the list on strength of numbers. The +3 to cast on arkhan is nice, but he's still 650 points that any army fielding Nagash just absolutely doesn't need for anything. Honestly, finding a way to get a heirotitan in there would be a good idea, but I don't see anything I really want to drop. I mean, sure, I could cut back a bit on the unit sizes, but I like that both wight units deploy on massive 200x100mm unit trays.

And they aren't as fragile as undead typically are. The grave guard are WS5, with +1 to hit in close combat and -1 to be hit by anything, and both they and the black knights have so much crumble resist (-6 between Nagash, mortarchs, BSB, and formation bonus) that they practically aren't unstable at all.