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30-06-2006, 10:54
i made this list because I'm tired of all the swarm lists.

i really like the khornate chosen, doesn't they get 5 attacks each (6 for champ) (1 attack as base +1 attack as chosen +1 attack for extra hand weapon +1 attack for khorne +1 attack for frenzy)?

i like shaggoths, strike first with a gt.weapon, nice.
but how should i model a slaaneshi shaggoth?, most converted slaaneshi models looks like female porn-stars, some look like male porn-stars, but most of them look like female porn-stars.

note: the undivided sorcerer is the gen., since a shaggoth can't lead a mortal army.

I'm preparing to 7.ed, so the und. sorcerer will have lore of shadows, (and lv.2. so he has bigger chance to get pit of shade)

the best chaos spell casters is slaaneshi (OK, tzeentch has infinite power dice (sorta) but slaaneshi cause most pain)
i will mostly try to get the spasm spell, one of the best and most annoying spells in the game.

trolls, who doesn't like them. i m going to model my like stone trolls, but with a spiky chaotic twist. (not like the chaos trolls, but the difference between my trolls and stone trolls will be more like the difference between marines and chaos marines)

here's das list.

30-06-2006, 13:08
Well... actually, the Sorceror is NOT the general, the Shaggoth is, it doesn't matter if YOU want the army to be mortal or not, a Shaggoth with Ld9 WILL be your general in 2k, hence, Mortal becomes special, the Core is decided by the general, not the other way arround.

Also, the Mark of undivided on a would be general in this case would NOT allow you to reroll the stupidity for the trolls if you ever thought of that, so, that ones a nono. The trolls should deffinately go into two units of five if you're opting for a magic heavy on Slaanesh magic, you would have to drop down the Shaggoth to a normal one (still hits damn hard though... AND breaks ranks).

Also, Khornate Chosen gets only 4 attacks, Khorne doesn't grant one extra attack, the frenzy granted FROM Khorne gets you one extra attack. And, a frontage of four is ridiculus, when we're talking Chosen of Khorne with Additional handwepaon, we want a frontage of seven (champion included) this nets the warriors a whooping 29 attacks, a frontage of 6 will grant you 25, so, either 12 or 14 warriors in the unit, no more.

30-06-2006, 15:48
ok, i remade it into a khornate
beast army,

I lowered the chosen into 14 man (when i had 16, i was thinking of 5 man ranks. (because of ed.7)

i exchanged the trolls inta dragon ogres. and got furies.


30-06-2006, 17:45
Looking better, but, I wouldn't use the Khornegors as a big block, perhaps drop five of them and get them the Beast Banner (I presume the Wargor goes with them), this should also leave you enough points for you to get some more Furies

30-06-2006, 19:20

done (i dont think bestigors can have that banner, and yes, the wargor joins the khorgors)

30-06-2006, 19:26
waiiit.... you have 6 Dragon Ogres!

Tak two units of three instead, much more cost effective

30-06-2006, 21:51
The list is ok but there's some things I would change.

6 dragon ogres is a little many. I'd take out 2 dragon ogres and with those points buy a couple spawn.

Warriors are cool but knights are so much cooler not to mention they compliment a beasts army much better than warriors do. I unit of 7 knights with full command and mark of khorne comes to 410pts. That's a lot of points that you DO NOT want wasted so to make sure your unit wins combats it would be a good idea to put a character in it. For him I'd switch out your wargor for an exalted champion with a steed and axe of khorne. Also 7 is a great number for them as they'll be on the top of the list for cannon ball targets. Also with all the changes I'm reccommending you might have enough pts left over to get your champion an enchated shield giving him a 0+ armour save.

If you get the knights which I really reccommend you get some hounds. If you drop 3 furies you'll have enough points for two units of 5.

Your Shaggoth being gifted with mark of khorne gives him enough attacks. He'd do better with a great weapon than the add. hand weapon because he'll be much better at dealing with armoured opponents like knights.

It looks like I'm changing your whole list but I'm only really swapping out a single unit for another and making a few unneccarily large units a bit smaller to make room for some new and useful units (spawn and warhounds). And the khornegors don't really need the wargor. They get two strength 5 attacks each anyway.

01-07-2006, 10:45
but i can only have 2 rare choices in 2000pts, one for the shaggoth and one for the dragon ogres.

dragon ogres are my army theme.

the dragon ogres can deal with heavy units, since they have the same st. as a shaggoth.

and NO, no knights. they aren't that good after all, i have tried them, and they where not so good.

02-07-2006, 09:48
Still, drop two or three Dragon Ogres from the list and use the points elsewhere