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19-03-2015, 15:58
Hallo all. Been watching a couple of ogre kingdoms batreps and like the meat bus irongut built. I realized that the LoC got chaos ogres, which with great weapons are basically iron guts that can take marks, so I decided to try something new. Thinking about making a Khorne irongut meatbus with Scyla Anfinngrim to get unbreakable, a Beastmen gorebull bsb, and a doombull as my army general. Kitting them out to various degrees. So this is my list so far at 2500 points.

Chaos sorcerer lord
Wiz lvl 4, Power stone, ruby ring of ruin, talisman of endurance, mark of nurgle, lore of nurgle
Doombull (Army General)
shield, ironcurse icon, the armor of destiny, the brass cleaver (best magic weapon I had in mind for 30 points, and he'll get 3 extra attacks minimum if I have him fight units) gnarled hide and mark of Khorne

Bray Shaman
Wiz lvl 1, dispel scroll, lore of the wild (I know, but with loremaster for the end times,having all of the spells isn't that bad)
Gorebull BSB
Beast Banner (Str 7 frenzied ogres lol), mark of Khorne, heavy armor, shield, great weapon (for kicks)
Scyla Anfinngrim

Chaos Chariot (Mark of Khorne)
Chaos Chariot (Mark of Khorne)
24 Chaos Warriors (Mark of Khorne, Sword and Board, Full Command)
20 Gor Herd (Sword and Board, Full Command,) brick for the wizards to hide in

9 Chaos Ogres (Mark of Khorne, Full Command to displace characters' and Great Weapons)

The chariots will probably each go on a flank but can also participate if need be, with the warriors and Chaos ogres in the center with Anfinngrim, The BsB, and the Doombull. In the rear will be the wizard brick with the shaman, and chaos sorcerer. The two big bricks will probably move up the center and just try to wipe stuff, keeping in range of the bsb, and the army general (banking that LD 8 won't fail me too badly :/ and that I won't loose combat too often). The nurgle wizard buffs the irongut and warrior units while frying any pesky flanking or ethereal units with his hadoukens from the ring, and then I try to cast mantle of ghorok on my general with my shaman if he ever gets in a challenge. Tell me what you all think. Cheers