View Full Version : Building a 2500pts Tzeentch WoC list

21-03-2015, 16:08
Hey guys, I'm currently working on getting a WoC army based on Tzeentch, and I'm in the process of acquiring and building the models. My list is not yet fixed, and I'd like some feedback/opinion on it :)

Note that this is not a list that need to be optimal, ultra competitive, cookie-cutter, etc. It's a Tzeentch theme, so everything that can get a mark get the mark of Tzeentch, even if it's not the best. Also I'll use some models that I have or like, no matter how good they are!

So here's the list, along with some commentary about the entry;

Sorcerer Lord - General, Mark of Tzeentch, Level 4 (lore of Tzeentch), Disk of Tzeentch - Tali. of Preservation, Chaos Familiar, Scaled Skin.
So while I got the 3+ ward, I'll avoid the re-rolling 1's for now. I play friendly game, and unless this guy end up dying everytime, I'll keep thing friendlier for now! Still lots of point left to tool the guy, but I don't see anything tempting.

Exalted Hero - BSB, Mark of Tzeentch, Daemonic mount - Tali. of Endurence, barding, shield.
This guy got a 1+ armor and 4+ ward, and the boost from the mount should make him pretty decent at defense. Could use a weapon or something for extra offense though (no lance option sadly).

Chaos Warriors x18 - Mark of Tzeentch, shield, full command.
Regular sword and board Tzeentch Warriors.

Forsaken x 15 - Mark of Tzeentch.
Instead of a second unit of Warriors, I decided to spice things up a bit and get some of those guys. Purely for variety. The mark is a bit meh, but at least it's the cheapest for them. If I wasn't going full Tzeentch theme, I'd go for Slaanesh mark on those guys!

Chaos Chariot - Mark of Tzeentch.

Chaos Hounds - Poison Attacks, Vanguard.
Reason for the upgrade; I have the points. But yeah, still useful, poison is great to help in combat, because a poison hit is one less failed to-wound roll! If I end up with some more free point, I could go for 2 naked unit instead.

Chaos Knights x5 - Mark of Tzeentch, Ensorcelled Weapons, Full Command.
This is where my BSB will sit. Tempted to give them the Blasted Standard (for extra fluffiness).

Dragon Ogres x4 - Extra Hand Weapon.
I've got a lot of the old models for free, so I plan on using them! I plan to got with extra weapons, but depending on points available or the enemy I face I can swap those out no problem (main opponent is Orcs, so Ini 2 and S5 is good enough normally, so more attacks is great).

Warshrine - Mark of Tzeentch.
Originally included to go with the Chosen, still cool model to have around even if I ditch the Chosen. Already bough one anyway, so better keep it in the list!

Mutalith Vortex Beast.
This thing is cool, I like how it look, I like the (random) effect in the game, it looks fun! And it look suitably Tzeentchian to me!

Chaos Spawn - Mark of Tzeentch.
Sorry guys, I really want to add a Spawn to the list :p I've became a fan of them for no particular (or good) reason, so I want to start the game with 1 on the table! Plus a breath weapon thanks to the mark (although pricy) is always fun! And I've made a nice looking one too for that!

List total is 2396pts. Still have some leftover to play with and not sure what to add. I could boost some units, or add something else, although I'm not sure what. So any feedback and suggestions?